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Solar Squared
Posted Wednesday July 3, 2019

In the season of sun, we've got a whole new appreciation for sunny days ahead.

Fulton Brewing Solar Panels

Let there be light! More specifically, the life-giving light from our buddy the Sun. Excuse us if we gush about this star being the center of our attention for a moment, but we're just a couple months into having our finished Solar Panels active and it's hard not to be excited already. As part of a major expansion and renovation of our NE MPLS production brewery last year in which we upgraded equipment, increased our capacity and expanded our footprint, we also installed 864 solar panels on our roof. And now finally, they're up-and-running and producing a much appreciated resource for us. Better yet, they're helping to ease our use of non-renewable resources while saving us on our monthly electric bill (trust us, it's huge). In fact, our electric production in June alone helped avoid the creation of 74 tons of CO2. We're pumped to see how much we can offset our needs through our own production this year and in the many years to come. And, in the months ahead we'll be sharing some fun and impactful stats on our sustainability measures.

solar vortex

All this sun talk has us thirsty, naturally. And if you get as thirsty as we do this time of year you probably like to pack some appropriate summer beers for going with on all your weekend outings (or mid-week adventures). As fans of cold beer in particular, we just want to make sure you're packing some the appropriate beer insulators, too. Your beer (and hands) will be happier if you do. This Public Service Announcement is brought to you by Solar Vortex