Culture Project #1

Ale aged in wine barrels w/ Lacto, Pedio, and Brett

Culture Project #1






The Culture Project is a family of beers created by mixed culture fermentation.

The first release in our Culture Project series is a delicately tart red ale inspired by the Flemish tradition. We used pilsner malt for the base with a blend of carared, red fife wheat, crystal, & Munich malts to create a complex malt profile with a red hue, then added just enough Amarillo hops to create a subtle, fruity hop profile. A saison yeast was used for primary fermentation before the beer was transferred into oak red wine barrels & introduced to a blend of lactobacilli, pediococcus, & brettanomyces. After 12 months, the barrels were blended back into stainless and packaged. The result is a red ale with a complex acid profile and rich flavors of cherry, stone fruit, & oak.  

Periodically available in

750 ml