Eleven O.G.

Session IPA

Eleven O.G.








Sessionable, hoppy, awesome.

Eleven O.G. is an unfiltered session IPA. The beer pours a hazy straw color and is packed with hop aroma and a slightly resinous bitterness. For this beer we used 100% Malterie Frontenac Malt. Malterie Frontenac is a small craft malting house near Quebec in Canada. They create some really unique, high quality malts. We used their german style pilsner malt for the base and added a substantial amount of malted oats to help improve the mouthfeel of this beer. We stayed clear of caramel malts to highlight the flavor of the pilsner malt and bring the hops to center stage. We used Apollo hops for bittering and a blend of Cascade, Hallertau Blanc, & Hallertau Mandarina Bavaria for the whirlpool & dry hop additions. Hallertau Blanc & Hallertau Mandarina Bavaria are both daughters of Cascade and the three hops come together to create a very distinct citrus/fruit forward hop profile. We used 4.25 lbs of hops per barrel of beer to create an intense hop flavor and aroma with a resinous bitterness.

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