Grapefruit Lonely Blonde

American Blonde Ale w/ Grapefruit

Grapefruit Lonely Blonde






It's not a fruit beer. It's a beer with fruit.

For years now we've at times tinkered with our flagship beers. Mainly this has come in the form of various infusion keg one-offs for special events. But one that kept reappearing (and was hard to ignore) was one particular take on a fruited Lonely Blonde. More specifically, a grapefruited version. We're happy to report that after nearly an entire year of R&D to get the process oh-so-right to scale our fresh idea, we're introducing our very first brand extension of our #1 beer. Fermented on grapefruit puree and "dry-zested" with grapefruit zest, you'll find yourself wondering why we didn't do this earlier. Turns out, we do too. Wait! There's more! Beginning in 2020 you can now enjoy Grapefruit Lonely Blonde YEAR ROUND.

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