Raise a hand. Raise your glass.

A New England (or Northeast, or East Coast) IPA has a number of very distinct traits that separate it from a typical IPA. The most obvious defining characteristic is the hazy appearance. The haze is a direct byproduct of the ingredients and process. The addition of 20% Oats in the mash, a chloride heavy water chemistry, a low flocculating yeast, and not filtering this beer are all responsible for the haze and smooth, creamy mouthfeel. This beer is aggressively hopped with late boil and whirlpool additions that leave the beer with very little perceived lingering bitterness, but rather a tropical and juicy finish. If that wasn't enough, we dry hopped this beer twice with Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops to add aromas of citrus and stone fruits.

In the beer world, we often ask to “raise your glass” to toast a person or occasion. Today, we ask you to recognize that mental health and suicide are issues impacting our community, family, and friends, and “raise your glass, raise your hand.” Raise your hand if you need help. Raise your hand if you can help someone else in need. And raise your glass to Greg.

For every pint of Grog sold in the taproom, Fulton is donating $1 to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Visit to learn how you can help.

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