NA Lonely Blonde

Non-Alcoholic American Blonde

NA Lonely Blonde




A non-alcoholic version of our flagship American Blonde Ale.

You know those times when you want a beer, but you don't want a beer? Or when you want a beer but you shouldn't have one because of ______ reason? There's all sorts of times and reasons not to have a beer. But to turn an old phrase on its head:

What if you could NOT have a beer and drink it too?

It was with those times and reasons in mind that we partnered up with our friends at ABV Technology to create N/A Lonely Blonde. Yep, Minnesota's favorite Blonde Ale will now be available in non-alcoholic form. ABV has pioneered some seriously cool technology to make it possible for craft breweries to gently de-alcolyze our beer down to <0.5% ABV, while keeping intact the delicate flavors and aromas we've worked so hard to create.

It's actually not magic, it's just kick-ass science--although when you take your first sip of N/A Lonely Blonde, we won't fault you for thinking it's a little of both.

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