Solar Vortex

Session Ale w/ Blood Orange

Solar Vortex






A beer for talking about the weather

What do Minnesotans love to do more than anything? Yep, you guessed it- talk about the weather. In a state with 2 seasons (Summer and Winter), when those warmer days finally do arrive it's our duty as MN residents to find a patio, a deck, pool, boat or sun-filled corner to enjoy. In our eyes, enjoyment is amplified when enjoying a seasonally-appropriate adult beverage. And speaking of such, we've brewed up the perfect summer ale for all those enjoyable, sunny moments. Inspired by a fictional summer weather phenomenom, we've created our version of a dry, sessionable ale with plenty of Blood Orange for all those fruit enthusiasts out there. In fact, we crammed 20lbs of Blood Orange purée per barrel. Fleeting, like summer, this solstice-approved beer is available for just a flash. 

Periodically available in