Fulton in the News

August 4, 2017

Minneapolis, Minnesota | Fulton Beer

What started as a small brewing operation run out of a garage is today Fulton Beer, one of the best breweries in downtown Minneapolis. At the taproom, you can sip on a cold one just 38 feet from where it was brewed, or pick up a Sweet Child of Vine six pack to enjoy in the comfort of your rental. Whether you prefer hoppy IPAs or flavorful barleywines, there’s no shortage of bold brews to choose from at Fulton Beer.

It’d be impossible to talk about the best beer cities in the country without mentioning Minneapolis, but this Twin City is full of excitement. The Mall of America (just 15 minutes away) is an absolute must, while the city also boasts a thriving theater and arts scene. Perfect for weekend getaways or week-long vacations, Minneapolis is a superb destination to visit year-round.

August 4, 2017

When you are a smaller brewery, you don’t need as many hops. As you grow, you will need more. Seems simple enough, right? Well for Minnesota’s Fulton Brewing, as they grew, they realized the importance of such instances. A shortage of Simcoe in 2010 lead to the brew team having to revamp a up-and-coming beer, Sweet Child of Vine IPA...

August 1, 2017

39. Fulton Beer Culture Project #2 

City: Minneapolis, MN
ABV: 6.2%
The verdict: No added fruit, whatttttttt? Yes indeed, there actually were some beers in this tasting that didn’t rest on top of apricot, raspberry or passionfruit, although this one did sit in wine barrels, so it’s still halfway there. This is a golden ale that was initially fermented clean before being transferred into wine barrels for nearly two years, where it had plenty of time to build a profile of funk. Almost saison-like, it would likely have done very well being compared to some of the tart saisons in last month’s tasting: Funky and bretty, with subtle earthy, hayloft aromatics and moderate tartness. Really nice citrus/nectarines fruitiness rounds the whole thing out to make an elegant, complex beer that one taster insisted “demands a thick pork chop.” We’re fairly certain that’s a compliment.

July 26, 2017

Fulton Brewery, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Okay, the name is a misnomer—unlike the beers listed above, HefeWheaties doesn’t contain cereal, and it doesn’t taste like Wheaties. Instead, it’s a 4.7 percent ABV unfiltered hefeweizen that gets a slight citrus flavor from a combination of Rakau, Galaxy, Mandarina Bavaria, and Sorachi Ace hops. The name comes from Fulton Brewery’s partnership with General Mills, another Minneapolis-based company, which helped design the HefeWheaties can to look like the Breakfast of Champions. According to Fulton Director of Marketing Tucker Gerrick, the project came together when someone from Fulton and someone from General Mills were tossing around ideas at a local bar—within four months, they had a beer. The beer sold out so quickly that Fulton didn’t have enough to satisfy all their accounts. At present, there are no plans to brew HefeWheaties again, but Gerrick said Fulton is open to the idea if General Mills gives them a call…

July 10, 2017

Fulton Brewing hosted the 10th Annual Art Crank on Saturday, July 8th. 50 of the best bike-inspired posters from the past decade, designed by Twin Cities artists, hung throughout the brewery. Hundreds showed up to enjoy food truck eats, beer, and art on perfect summer day.

July 9, 2017

Art, cyclists, brewery, food trucks, artists, beer. If you live in Minnesota, it is likely that you are a fan of at least one of these things, if not many of them.

ARTCRANK, held Saturday at Fulton Brewing Company in Northeast Minneapolis, combines all of the above. The event highlights bicycle-inspired poster art and even provided free valet bike parking. This year ARTCRANK celebrated a decade of local, national, and international bike art showings with a "Greatest Hits" theme...


July 7, 2017

Put your bike to good use this Saturday, as you cycle from art event to art event for a perfect summer evening. Here are a few happenings to choose from, including the 10-year anniversary of Artcrank, plus shows at Form + Content and Rosalux and an artist talk at the Nash Gallery...

June 30, 2017

"One of my favorites, without a doubt, is Fulton," says Kirk Williams, concierge at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis. Beer lovers and baseball fans flock to the laid-back North Loop taproom. Its proximity to Target Field makes it a popular pre- and post-Minnesota Twins baseball game stop. Founded by homebrewers operating from a south Minneapolis garage in 2006...

June 29, 2017

#20- 300 MOSAIC IPA

Ah, Mosaic. Has there ever been a hop more appropriately named? The patchwork of flavors and fragrances that can be gleaned from the sought-after variety seems to be ever-expanding, and beers made primarily with it—like this one here—are always a little bit different. In 300, Mosaic imbues the aroma with just-mown grass, juicy nectarine and a hint of blueberry skin, then tessellates the tongue with ground-up weed and tangerine zest; a burst of sweet apricot midpalate cedes to bright, green lime and grass all the way through the finish. It’s easy to see why Fulton decided to make this beer year round rather than let it remain a lost-to-history one-off brewed to celebrate the 300th batch.

June 19, 2017

Minneapolis-based Fulton Beer is debuting a new "Continental Pilsner. For the full details, see the statement below:

Minneapolis, MN - "This week we are releasing an all-new Continental Pilsner, simply titled “PILS.” PILS will be available year-round on draft and in six packs of 12 oz bottles. Why a Pilsner? Simply put, most of us at the brewery love this style of beer. It’s usually the first beer we seek out when we visit a new town or another brewery. Whenever the ageless “desert island beer” conversation...