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Fall is Full of Fulton
Posted Tuesday October 23, 2018

2018 has been a big year.

A sizable understatement, we know. But as we stare down the final months of this year and set our sights on the one ahead, we're reminded of just how big of a year 2018 has turned out to be. That said, with only 2 full months left we've got some exciting things to share.

War & Peace Imperial Coffee Stout

Eagerly Awaited- War & Peace Imperial Coffee Stout

"Eagerly Awaited", that's our general feeling this time of year when we can smell our annual release of War & Peace brewing. As you'd expect, it's pitch black, smooth as silk, and packed to the brim with coffee flavor provided by a pound of organic PEACE COFFEE beans per barrel. It's making it's yearly return in both draft and in 4packs of 12oz bottle the first full week of November. 

Fulton Mixed 12pack

Totally Unexpected- The Fulton Mixed 12 Pack Sampler

Our first "big" mixed pack is here. Or, almost. Early November brings us some familiar and not-so-familiar faces by way of this flashy 12pack. We've packed 3-each of Lonely Blonde, Hopstar, Proper Porter, and a special double-dry-hopped (w/ CITRA) version of our acclaimed 300 Mosaic IPA. This is the first time Proper Porter has ever been packaged and the first time Hopstar has been put in bottles. With a little bit of something for everyone, it's perfect for holiday gatherings, weekends of raking, and special soirées. Look for it wherever you find Fulton in your neighborhood.

Fulton's Whiskey, War & Peace Imperial Coffee Stout aged in Jameson barrels.

Jameson Caskmates & Fulton= Whiskey, War & Peace

Community, commonality, and local flavor. Oh, and Whiskey. These are some of the cornerstone qualities of our partnership with Jameson. For the 2nd iteration of our collaboration beer with the largest Irish Whiskey maker in the world, we worked to further develop the presence of coffee flavors and aromas while paying close attention to the balance needed when working with oak and whiskey. The fruits of these labors can soon be enjoyed at a number locales here in the MSP metro area. Don't want to wait till your neighborhood bar taps their keg? Well then, come join us in our taproom where it's already on draft.

Chaos 300 Fulton wrestler

300th Day of The Year

This Saturday is our own special holiday here at Fulton. In celebration of all things 300, we're hosting 6 separate events across town on the 300th day of 2018. For the full skinny including where to find our wrestler "Chaos 300" (Pictured above), head on over to our events page right here

Fulton Star Cross cyclocross race

Do, or Do Not. There is no Try.

The Fulton Star Cross is back again. Though it might be a sanctioned USA Cycling race, don't let the officialness spook you into thinking this is anything less than a totally fun, completely bonkers, spectator-approved race extravaganza. Meet us at Lions Valley Place Park for 2  days (and 1 night!) of the Midwest's most enjoyable CX racing. To get in on the action, you've got to register by 11/1 (go ahead and take care of that here). 



Posted Friday October 5, 2018


Locavore? Food lover? Forager? Fisher? Hunter? Gardener?


This Monday, 10/8, we’ll be opening our taproom for a book signing by Hank Shaw, the James Beard award-winning author, blogger, podcaster, and outdoorsman. (Guess it would have been easier to just call him a renaissance man). Hank is already well-known for his elevated wild game recipes in his previous cookbooks “Buck, Buck, Moose” and “Duck, Duck, Goose”, and now he’s touring in support of his newest culinary curation, “Pheasant, Quail, Cottontail.”

Doors open at 5:00, and though it’s open to all and no ticket required, you might be interested in the $45 package deal which includes the book, one beer, and two appetizers inspired by Hank’s recipes and prepared by our awesome kitchen team. Not to be outdone by the kitchen, our brew crew kegged a sahti-inspired infusion of Keller Pils just for Monday's event.

You can buy the package deal here, or just show up on Monday, no ticket needed. If you’re not buying the ticket, you can go a la carte style: the bar and kitchen will be open for regular orders, and Hank will have books for purchase at a discount too.


Fulton At The Fair
Posted Friday August 17, 2018

The Great Minnesota Get-Together Is Near

We're in the back half of August now and summer's end is looming. The cicadas are singing, teachers are prepping for upcoming classes, and the back-to-school sales are in high supply. Here at Fulton though, we're not throwing in the towel on summer just yet. You know the saying "everything good must come to an end"? We raise our pint-holding hands in stern opposition to this as we prepare ourselves for one last Summer hurrah at the Minnesota State Fair. Our annual pilgrimage to the fairgrounds in search of everything-on-a-stick is something we look forward to for months. Like you, we find ourselves in (frequent) need of some fine refreshments while visiting. With 2 million people cycling through there over 12 days, the crowds can get thick enough to lose your bearings from time to time. As such, you might find yourself asking "Where the heck can I get myself a Fulton?". Well, we're here to help with that question. We've got this nifty map we made just for you to help locate some of your favorite Fulton beers. Better yet still, we've brewed up an exclusive Frontier Summer IPA for our friends at Frontier Bar. All the excitement kicks off Thursday...see you at the fair!


MN State Fair Fulton Map

Augtoberwhat? Augtoberfest.

Linden Hills' favorite block party awaits you THIS Sunday. We've teamed up with our buddies at Tilia to help bring you AUGTOBERFEST. The food is excellent (duh), the drinks are extraordinary (double duh), and the good times are assured. The party vibes kick off at 3pm and tickets ($8 for adults, 10 and under free) are available at the gate. For more details follow this here link to the land of information.

tilia Augtoberfest


A Specter Appears Again
Posted Friday August 10, 2018


In 2016 we lost one of our own here at Fulton to suicide. Since then, we’ve tried to honor the memory of our lost friend and co-worker through the annual release of a special beer we call Specter. We’ve historically tied taproom sales of Specter to a donation to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP, for short). In 2018 we’re building on that.

For this year’s release, we’re working together with nearly 40 of our friends in the bar/restaurant community to make a bigger impact. When you purchase a pint of Specter NE IPA at participating establishments (see the list in the flier below) during September these fine businesses will donate $1 directly to AFSP. Together we can raise awareness and funds for suicide prevention. Together we are stronger. For each other and for everyone.

What’s more, the Fulton taproom will be donating $1 per limited edition Specter tee shirt sold on top of our per-pint donation. Both the beer and the shirt will be available in the taproom beginning Tuesday 8/28.






Let’s fest.
Posted Friday August 3, 2018


Not a weekend goes by this time of year that’s not occupied by a stellar outdoors party. It’s almost a mandate as a Minnesotan to spend a disproportionate amount of your leisure time smack dab in the middle of a closed-off street drinking local beer, hanging with friends, and enjoying the moment. This weekend is no different. It all kicks off Saturday at our neighbors Smack Shack. Their Annual Crayfest is tomorrow and we’re happily returning. The party kicks off at noon and your attendance is requested.


When we were invited to In Cahoots this year we thought hard on what we wanted to brew and with whom to collaborate with. Having worked with some of our favorite MN breweries over the previous 4 years, we thought switching it up a bit was in order. So we gave our friends at Left Hand a call. What we whipped up together is something pretty special we think (we’re just a little biased). With a heavy, heavy nod to beer’s sparkly cousin Champagne, we’re happy to introduce our first Brut IPA that we’re calling “On The Other Hand”. It’s as dry as a bone and bubbly as they come. It’s at once familiar and yet completely new. If you want the latest and greatest, you’re going to have to head to The Red Stag this Sunday and grab yourself a pint. And when you do, don’t forget to vote. We’re in it to win it!




Fulton Up North
Posted Tuesday July 24, 2018

 All Pints North

We're headed up north to Duluth for another year of All Pints North. A weekend-long party with our fellow breweries and friends all centered around the water, who can complain? Along with it being one of the most scenic festivals we get to participate in, it's also about bringing some special stuff to share, so this year we've decided to put together a pretty fantastic list of beers, because what's a party up north without great craft beer? Here's what we're pouring: Fika Imperial Milk Stout, Double Dry Hopped 300, White Peach Hopstar and Tangerine Blonde. 

Chef Camp Countdown

Speaking of up north, we have about a month left till our favorite holiday weekend of the year ( Labor Day/ Chef Camp). What better way to wrap up all of summers shenanigans than with a full weekend of drinks and dining in the woods. Camp Miller is one of the country's oldest summer camps that sits just 90 minutes outside the cities. The experience consists of old cozy cabins, classic camp activities, and an added bonus of Minnesota's most talented chefs make Chef Camp a truly unique experience that we look forward to being apart of every year. Grab your tickets and meet us in the woods. 

Chef Camp in the City: Yakitori Breakdown

If you can't wait to get started on some of your skills, our friends over at Lowry Hill Meats host a monthly class leading up to Chef Camp. Every month you'll learn new techniques to use in the kitchen taught by some of Minnesota's biggest talent. This week Chef Yia Vang of Union Kitchen will teach some basic knife skills as well as give you a hands-on demonstration of the best ways to break down a whole chicken. Register for the class and you'll get a $60 discount on your ticket to Chef Camp. 



Bikes. Boards. Beers.
Posted Friday July 20, 2018


8 corners, two full city blocks, and for the fixed gear fields, no brakes, no shifting, and no coasting. What’s this all about? It’s our brand new race event we’re calling the Downtown Thunderdome. We’ve got 6 heats (2 are MN state fixed gear championships!), a gazillion beers and all the fun. Want to race with us tonight? You can register with us and our friends at the Minnesota Cycling Federation in person at the Fulton Taproom beginning at 4:30. For those who aren’t rolling with us, we’ve got a temporarily expanded beer garden that takes you within inches of the action. Prizes provided by All-City Cycles, Trash Bags, and Fulton.


For those headed downtown this weekend for the return of the X Games to Minneapolis, we’ve got something else for you that’s going to blow minds. We’ve partnered up with Familia Skateshop and Aquatennial to bring back our own skateboard contest- Aquajam. Better yet, this year the boys at Familia have truly topped themselves with an obstacle as iconic as they come here in MN. What is it? You’ll have to drop by to find out. The best trick contest is from 6-8pm this year. Free to enter, open to all. And, we’ve got a new site for all the action in 2018. We’ve moved to the lot just East of The Guthrie. We’re kicking things off right as the SoFi Women’s Street contest wraps up over at US Bank Stadium. Roll on over.


It’s summer. Duh. We bring up this extremely declarative and blatantly obvious fact to remind you to get out there and make the most of summer’s balance. We’re in the back third of July now and soon we’ll all be plotting our State Fair-on-a-stick adventures. So while you plot your next getaway to the cabin, the woods, the fishing hole or wherever your seasonal getaway is we’d like to remind you to pack a little more extraordinary into your day. How? It’s easy. Grab a brand new 12-er of our official all-occasion beer, Standard Lager now in 12oz cans.  You’ll be glad you did.





Posted Thursday July 12, 2018


  Sometimes you just want to fit a little more (beer) into your day. That simple idea was one of the driving catalysts for packing up our most recognizable beers (Sweet Child of Vine, Lonely Blonde, and Standard Lager) into brand new 12 packs of 12oz cans. Not so simply, we set out to do such with an entirely new canning system. From de-pal to filling, packing and re-pal...we’ve expanded our capacity to bring you the styles in the packaging style you’ve been asking us forever since we put our beer in aluminum in the first place. For those in the MSP metro, Mankato, and Rochester, you can get your hands on all 3 styles right now. For all other markets/areas-keep your eyes peeled. We’re working hard with our distribution partners to get you stocked up properly.


  When we released our Continental Pilsner aptly named “PILS” this time last year, we knew we had a distinct, versatile, instant classic on our hands. It was the beer in our year-long lineup that we had long been missing. What we were slower to realize how much you all wanted to see it in cans. Well, we’re here today to tell you we’re permanently fixing that grievous mistake. Beginning next week we’ll be slowly but steadily introducing PILS tallboy cans into the market (starting here at home of course). If you don’t find it at where you normally find Fulton, ask for it.  


 This coming Sunday we’re venturing into the unknown a bit byways of brunch. Yes, you read that right, BRUNCH. We’ve collaborated with Fika Coffee & Sawtooth Mountain Maple Syrup to bring you a brunch-time moment filled with breakfast-y goodness. And of course, it includes beer. We’re debuting our “Fika Imperial Milk Stout”, made with (you guessed it) coffee and maple syrup by Fika and Sawtooth Mountain, respectively. It’s an incredibly complex, yet deceptively smooth stout that yields flavors of chocolate, maple syrup and hints of chocolate. You can get yours first at the Taproom this Sunday at 11. The first 100 to order a Fika get a complimentary glass coffee (beer) mug on us.




Is it the weekend yet?
Posted Wednesday June 13, 2018


Two nights.

That’s how much time you’re going to need to take in all the art this weekend at Northern Spark. And what’s better is that you can. Get yourself downtown MPLS Friday & Saturday nights and immerse yourself in one of the country’s biggest outdoor art experiences. This year’s theme focuses on finding intersections of commonality with members of the local community and the world. Fulton is back with it’s beer garden both nights on the Commons near the corner of 4th & Portland. We’ll be serving up Fulton favorites from 9 to midnight so come make an art pitstop with us and enjoy what the night has to offer.

If you’re looking to support the arts Saturday but not interested in roaming the streets, meet us on the rooftop at Mercy for Northern Spark’s annual fundraiser party. Get close up with local artists, sample incredible food from local chefs, sip amazing drinks including (of course) Fulton Beer. DJ Sarah White brings the party tunes all night long, now all you have to do is bring yourself. Get tickets before they disappear (VIP is sold out) right here.



It’s that time of year again.

Time to pack up the family for a day trip to Plato, MN-home to Tangletown Gardens’ Farm. For those lucky enough to pick up their weekly CSA in the Fulton Taproom, you’re no stranger to the goodness growing on these lands. It’s this beautiful locale that’s your backdrop for Tangletown’s annual Farm Day. Live music, family-friendly foods, tours by Farmer Dean himself and of course Fulton Beer all await you this coming Saturday. 

 All you have to do is get yourself some tickets and you’re set.



Posted Tuesday May 22, 2018


How do you celebrate a summer-well-executed? Here at Fulton, we head North for one last hurrah at Chef Camp. This year, let’s make it count together. Meet us in the woods this Labor Day for the third annual Chef Camp, an outdoor cooking adventure.

By day immerse yourself in hands-on cooking classes with the region’s top chefs and enjoy classic summer camp fun like canoeing and archery. At night, enjoy perfectly paired Fulton beers with delicious gourmet meals under the stars. Our brewers will be in attendance throughout the weekend, too, teaching workshops about hop varieties, flavor pairings, and more.

Fulton Beer supporters get a $50 discount to camp. Just use code FULTON50 when you buy your ticket.

Learn more and get your tickets now at chefcampmn.com. We'll see you at camp!
Fulton Lonely Blonde at Chef Camp


Can’t wait to head up to the North woods in August? Want a slice of the Chef Camp action now to tide you over? No problem, enter the “Chef Camp in the City” Class series at Lowry Hill Meats.
Get a taste of Chef Camp before Labor Day weekend by joining us at three cooking-skills classes featuring Chef Camp instructors here in MPLS at Lowry Hill Meats. Get sharp with knife skills, learn about cast iron care, and join chef Yia Vang for a yakitori chicken breakdown. All classes include tasty bites and beverages. Bonus: The ticket price of the class gets applied to the cost of a Chef Camp 2018 ticket.

Details and tickets are right here.

Chef Camp classes at Lowry Hill Meats


The wildness continues! We’re partnering with one of the Minnesota Zoo’s most lively events in the spirit of inclusion. The newly-named Beastly Bash is more than just tasty beverages, food, and entertainment though. It’s an opportunity to show support for Minnesota ZooUnlimited programs that make the zoo accessible for all to enjoy. We’ll be slinging samples of beer in our best animal-themed attire, and hope you’ll join us in support. The night is chocked-full of fun for all who attend, but there's no fun to be had without a ticket. Get yours here.

MN ZOO Beastly Bash