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Posted Wednesday June 21, 2017

72 Stretch, our Gose-Style Ale is back. What's better than that? We've made our most summery beer a bit more mobile by putting it in tallboys. Now you can take some with on whatever adventure you're planning. This weekend we're headed South and North on adventures of our own and taking 72 Stretch with us.

Fulton 72 Stretch Gose-Style Ale


On the North Shore? Swing up to Lutsen Mountains from 4-8. We'll be pouring samples of 72 Stretch, Hopstar, Pils, and other Fultons at our tent outside of Papa Charlies as part of the Lutsen 99er kickoff party.

SATURDAY (&Friday):

We're at Mankato's Solstice Outdoor Music Festival both days serving up Sweet Child of Vine, Lonely Blonde and 72 Stretch. Maybe on Saturday you're jumping on a tube and floating in the Mankato Monster Float? If so, catch us that morning sampling 72 Stretch around 11.


A year ago we worked with our good friends at FMRRahr, and Bob Mitchell's Fly Shop to release 72 Stretch as a taproom-only beer. We chose the name as an nod to the 72 mile stretch that constitutes the Mississippi River National Park. This year BMFS put together one of the more enjoyable (and ambitious!) fishing contests we've seen and we're happy to host their award ceremony in the Fulton Taproom. Not big on fishing? Not a problem. We'll be releasing 72 Stretch for the first time in the cities back in the taproom where it debuted in 2016.

Fulton 72 Stretch Gose-Style Ale


Fulton at Northern Spark 2017
Posted Friday June 9, 2017

We work with, and support, 100's of organizations each year. And while we do our best to "spread the love", there are a few categories of interest we think are vital to our local community (we tend to try extra hard in these categories). One of these groups that impacts us in ways we sometimes take for granted is the Arts & Creative community here in MPLS. Besides the jobs created and billions of dollars pumped into our local community, there's a public art component that brings perspective, entertainment and inspiration to our lives. In our opinion, one of the best ways to get out, see, do and engage in this realm is Northern Spark. Which, we have proudly supported 3 years strong now.
We hope to see you out and about Saturday night! If all that art interaction gets you thirsty, stop by our (new) beer garden at the corner of Portland Ave and 4th 9-12pm in the Commons Park.


(Northern Spark is from 9:29pm to 5:26am.)
Northern Spark 2017Northern SparkFulton Brewing, Minneapolis MN


Posted Monday June 5, 2017

Fulton PILS

This week we are releasing an all-new Continental Pilsner, simply titled “PILS.” PILS will be available year-round on draft and in six packs of 12 oz bottles. Why a Pilsner? Simply put, most of us at the brewery love this style of beer. It’s usually the first beer we seek out when we visit a new town or another brewery. Whenever the ageless “desert island beer” conversation comes up, one Pilsner or another gets an impassioned debate. The only problem was, Fulton had never brewed a Pils. So, we set out to make a great one. Ours is built on a base of Minnesota-malted Rahr Pilsner. It features a smooth, well-rounded bitterness provided by German Perle, and a pleasantly floral aroma provided by the style’s hallmark Saaz hops. Pilsner yeast punctuates the beer with a beautifully clean finish. At 5.3% ABV and 30 IBU, this is a beer that leaves your senses wanting for nothing – except another.

It’s always exciting to add a new beer to our repertoire. In the 10 years since we started homebrewing in a one car South Minneapolis garage, we have come to appreciate and enjoy nearly every style of beer. To us, a large part of what drew us to homebrewing was the ability to create any beer, with our imaginations being pretty much the only limitation. As the number of styles and substyles of beer continues to grow and evolve, and the quality and diversity of ingredients available to brew with grows as well, the permutations and combinations of recipe possibilities approaches infinity—or at least a number way higher than we can count. But as a production brewery, the unfortunate reality is that there is a finite number of tap handles and shelf spots in the world; we can’t brew every beer we want, all the time.

So begins the long process of narrowing down the world of endless choice to perhaps a couple dozen beers that will appear in our lineup over the period of a year. Many are small releases of only a few hundred cases and a few dozen kegs. Some are draft only, and some never even make it out of our taproom. A handful make it into our year-round lineup. If you’ve ever drank a Fulton, you’d had one of these. For the first five years of Fulton’s existence, we had only two Core beers – Lonely Blonde and Sweet Child of Vine. We were unusual in that way; most breweries have four or five year-round beers the first day they open for business. We chose to do fewer because we believed investing our efforts in perfecting just a couple beers rather than a half dozen or more made long term sense, in terms of quality of beer and of building brand recognition. Meanwhile we quenched our fans’—and our own—thirst for variety by releasing a growing number of seasonals. First came Worthy Adversary, then Libertine. Later on, it was Expat, Randonneur, and many many more. In 2014, after years of it being a taproom favorite, we added The Ringer to our year-round lineup. Last year, we increased our Core lineup to 5 beers, with the addition of 300 IPA and Standard Lager. In total, we brewed about 25 beers in 2016, with 16 of those making it out in both draft and package formats.

So we have finally have a full calendar of year-round and seasonal beers, and it took just seven years to build. What to do now? Tear it up, of course! Well, not entirely…but substantially. In the name of creative destruction, we’ve re-worked much of our lineup this year. We’re introducing some all-new beers, making some familiar favorites into taproom exclusives, and even retiring a few.

The biggest change: to make room for PILS, The Ringer is moving out of our year-round lineup. Ringer loyalists need not fear, as it will continue to be available in the taproom on a regular basis. And the last of the bottles are still on shelves of some stores, so you may still be able to pick up a sixer for a short time.

There have been even more changes in the seasonal camp. Last month we released a brand-new NE-style Session IPA, "Hopstar." It’s been in such a high demand that it’s gone from our warehouse already, so if you see it on shelves, grab it while you can, because we are out except for a few kegs that our taproom will continue to pour. Meanwhile, in the “addition by subtraction” column, we have drawn back on our saison lineup. You may have noticed Randonneur didn’t appear in bottles this year. We have dialed that back to a taproom-only release, which is pouring now. Our other two saisons, Expat and Maitrise, have retired. Does that mean you’ll never taste them again? Not necessarily, but we don’t yet have a timetable for their return.

On the all-new side, 2017 will see 3 releases in our Culture Project series. Two, a golden ale aged in oak for two years on lacto, pedio, and brett, came out in April. Later this year, Tanager, our 100% Barrel-fermented Brett IPA makes its bottle debut, followed by another Culture Project release late in the year.

Enough change yet? Almost, but not quite. In addition to our just-released collaboration with the Star Tribune, Extra! Extra!, we have a couple more collaborations in the works that we can’t talk about just yet. And we’ll have more all-new taproom-exclusive releases dropping occasionally throughout the year.

That gets us back to where we started—brewing what we want, when we want. At any given moment, we generally have 20-24 beers available in the taproom. The lineup changes on an almost weekly basis. Keep an eye on the taproom page of our website; we keep the taps listed there as fresh as the beer. Of course you can always find our perennial favorites on tap, and every limited release visits the taproom as well. Drop by for a beer sometime soo, and meanwhile, pick up a six pack of Pils next time you’re in the liquor store – it just might become your desert island beer.

Fulton PILS


Posted Wednesday May 24, 2017

This week, we’re releasing not one but TWO all-new beers in cans. The first is “Hopstar”, our Northeast-style (read: hazy and twice-dry hopped) Session IPA. If you attended the Gran Fondo or have been in our taproom or a select number of bars in the last two weeks, you may have already enjoyed a Hopstar or two on draft. Beginning this week, Hopstar cans hit distribution in the metro area, with the rest of the state following shortly thereafter. Hopstar has already become a crowd favorite, so pick up a 4-pack when you see it – it won’t be around for long. In fact, pick up a couple of them: Hopstar resonates with juicy tropical hop notes from Citra, Amarillo, and Mosaic, but at just 4.9% ABV and a pleasingly balanced 37 IBUs, you’ll find the cans emptying themselves at an astonishing rate.


Speaking of limited edition canned beers you may have already been hearing about, we’re also releasing “Extra! Extra!” this week. This one is a collaboration with our neighbors—you may have heard of them—at the Star Tribune. This Thursday, May 26th, is the Star Tribune’s 150th anniversary, and as part of their summer-long sesquicentennial celebration, we came up with a beer that’s both timeless and all-new. It’s an interpretation of the classic American Pale Ale style, but brewed with the addition of an experimental hop variety, dubbed simply “09326”. Extra! Extra! launches at our taproom on Thursday, and will be available—again, in very limited quantities—in 4-pack 16 oz cans in liquor stores this week as well.

Fulton X Star Tribune 150th Anniversary Beer

In other can-related news, just last week we received and commissioned our brand-new canning line. Built just hours from here by American Brewing Equipment in Lincoln, Nebraska, our new line cruises along at 60 cans per minute, and will enable us to put more of your favorite Fultons in cans more often. Last week got a little crazy, as we had to unpack, install, and commission the line in just four days before we started filling Hopstar and Extra Extra! cans. Our crew had some long days and short nights, but by Friday afternoon we were pumping out cans by the pallet. If you see any of our packaging and brew crew out and about, give ‘em a high five – they deserve it. 


Fulton Brewing Unveils “EXTRA! EXTRA! Pale Ale” to Commemorate 150th Anniversary of the Star Tribune
Posted Thursday May 11, 2017


Fulton Brewing Unveils “EXTRA! EXTRA! Pale Ale” to Commemorate 150th Anniversary of the Star Tribune

Limited-Edition Beer Debuts on May 22 at Fulton Taproom at VIP Tasting event, Public Taproom launch May 25, Available at Retail on May 26

EXTRA! EXTRA! American Pale Ale

MINNEAPOLIS – May 11, 2017 Fulton Brewing Co., one of the upper-Midwest’s leading craft brewers, today unveiled “EXTRA! EXTRA! American Pale Ale,” a limited-edition brew to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Star Tribune. The beverage will be the star attraction at an invitation-only VIP “First Tasting,” on May 22 at the Fulton Taproom 414 N. 6th Ave., Minneapolis.

On May 25, the 150th anniversary of the Star Tribune’s first date of publication in 1867, EXTRA! EXTRA! American Pale Ale will be available to the public at the Fulton Taproom. The following day it will be on sale throughout the state of Minnesota while supplies last. In addition, Fulton will feature the ale at the Stone Arch Bridge Festival in mid-June.

Made with locally malted barley and a double charge of Cascade and experimental hop varieties, EXTRA! EXTRA! American Pale Ale was brewed to appeal to beer enthusiasts who appreciate a lighter, refreshing brew. 

“For a century and a half, the Star Tribune has been recognized for its award-winning journalism,” said Steve Yaeger, vice president and chief marketing officer of Star Tribune Media Co., “But while some awards gather dust in a display case, thanks to our friends at Fulton, we now have an honor we can enjoy with our readers, advertisers, employees, and supporters as the summer kicks off. We raise our glasses to the Star Tribune family and the talented people at Fulton Brewing for bringing an ‘Extra! Extra!’ level of fun to our anniversary.”

“After 150 years, it’s only appropriate that we take a moment to salute one of our state’s great institutions,” said Ryan Petz, president of Fulton Brewing. “We invite Star Tribune fans and our loyal customers to join us in an EXTRA! EXTRA! American Pale Ale toast to celebrate the countless contributions the Star Tribune has made to the life of our city and state. Cheers to a job well done—and our sincere wishes for 150 more years of continued success.”


Brewers notes from Fulton Head Brewer Mike Salo:

Extra! Extra! Pale Ale is an American pale ale made with American pilsner malt and high-quality German specialty malts. This beer features Cascade hops as well as a new experimental variety (09326) that is a daughter of Cascade. These ingredients come together to create a pleasantly crisp and aromatic pale ale with notes of citrus and tropical fruit.

5.52% ABV

35 IBU

5.3 SRM


About Star Tribune Media Co.

Celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2017, Star Tribune Media Co. LLC is a locally owned, award-winning media company serving Minnesota and the upper Midwest. With the fifth-largest Sunday and sixth-largest daily circulation newspaper in the U.S., the most-visited local website, a quarterly magazine, a popular arts/entertainment publication, and a range of home-delivered advertising solutions, Star Tribune reaches more consumers than any other Minnesota media brand. For more information, visit www.startribunecompany.com.


About Fulton Brewing Co.

Fulton Beer was founded by four homebrewers in a Southwest Minneapolis garage in 2009 with the mantra “Ordinary Guys Brewing Extraordinary Beer.” Since then, Fulton has become one of the fastest growing breweries in the Midwest. In 2012, Fulton opened the first taproom in Minneapolis, which offers an ever-changing tap selection as well as house-brewed non-alcoholic soda. Fulton commissioned its second brewery in 2014, a 51,000 square foot facility in Northeast Minneapolis. Fulton is best known for Sweet Child of Vine, a balanced and approachable India Pale Ale, and Lonely Blonde, an easy-drinking Blonde Ale. These and Fulton’s seasonal and limited release beers are currently available on draft, in bottles, and in cans throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas.  Information regarding beer availability, taproom hours, tours, special events and more can be found at www.fultonbeer.com.



Media contacts:

Jennifer Weismann

Owl Marketing




Tucker Gerrick

Fulton Brewing Co,




Steve Yaeger

Star Tribune Media Co.

612-673-4256 (office)

651-357-3036 (mobile)



Posted Monday May 1, 2017


Hopstar is all juicy hop flavor and no lingering bitterness. Twice dry-hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo and left intentionally hazy, Hopstar punches in at just 4.9% ABV, making it your perfect warm weather IPA companion. Hopstar will be available on draft and in cans throughout Fulton's distribution footprint in May and June. Join us at the Whole Hog Feast this Friday night -- and of course at the Fulton Gran Fondo block party on Saturday -- to be among the first to try it.


Fulton & Chef Camp go "Whole Hog" (a pre-fondo feast)

Join us for a feast on Friday night (5/5) at our NE brewery, featuring Chef Camp Chefs Erik Sather of Lowry Hill Meats and Yia Vang of Union Kitchen. Sather will be cooking up a whole hog (from Tangletown Gardens) porchetta-style and Vang will be slow roasting veggies over the fire. Join us for an epic meal, North Mallow s'mores bar, fun camp activities and of course, a couple of beers -- including Hopstar.

Tickets are just $20, and can be purchased ahead of time here. No need to be a Fondo rider to participate.


The Fulton Gran Fondo


Join us at the 4th annual Fulton Gran Fondo for bikes, bands, and beers. The ride departs in the morning from the Fulton Production Brewery in NE Minneapolis. This year, we're again offering the 100 mile "Gran" as well as a 40 mile "Medio" Fondo. Start times are 9:00 AM for the Gran Fondo, and 11:00 AM for the Medio Fondo.

Enjoy riding, but never ridden in an organized ride before? The Medio might be the perfect fit for you. 40 miles isn't too far, and there's a rest stop at the halfway point teeming with goodies from 10 --count 'em -- local food and beverage companies. More on that here

The Fulton Gran Fondo (Block party!)


Whether or not you're riding the  Fondo, there's enough beer and fun for everyone at the block party. The party starts at 1 and is free to attend. We've got more music, more food, our growing Fulton Partner Market and nearly an endless amount of beer. Grab your friend, roomie, sibling...whomever, and get on over to our NE production brewery at 1pm. 


A very special thank you to North Memorial Health for sponsoring the 2017 Fulton Gran Fondo.

The outlook is good

Yep, it's perfect bike riding and block party weather this weekend. See you soon! Oh, and be on the lookout for Sasquatch.


Summer Positions at Fulton Beer
Posted Wednesday April 26, 2017

With summer around the corner (we know, wishful thinking on a day like today) we're looking to augment our current staff with some additional helping hands at our production facility and HQ. Check out the opportunity below and email hr@fultonbeer.com for more. 


Summer Marketing Events Intern

Fulton Beer is hiring an energetic, talented, self-motivated individual for a summer internship that will support the marketing team to deliver on the needs of our brand. This position works collaboratively across the marketing, sales, and operations departments to provide support for market events, tracking and reporting of marketing activities, and day to day administrative support.



The ideal candidate has a keen interest in marketing and possesses the basic knowledge of marketing principles through coursework or prior work experience.

  • Rising Junior or Senior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related field
  • Interest in the craft beer industry
  • Night and weekend availability
  • Excellent attention to details with strong organizational skills
  • Ability to multi-task with excellent follow-through and task completion
  • Strong oral and written communications skills and sense of humor
  • Strong team player, ability to work with diverse cross-functional teams
  • Creative problem solver; able to work independently to produce quality results
  • Thrives in fast-paced environment
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • GPA 3.0 or higher.
  • Twenty one years of age or older
  • Maintain a valid driver's license
  • Has own laptop computer
  • Be in physical condition to repeatedly lift 35 lbs or more from the floor to a height of 48 inches above the ground, and maneuver 175 lb kegs.


Still interested? Send your resume and any other reasons why you’re a good fit at Fulton to hr@fultonbeer.com



Posted Thursday April 20, 2017

Fulton is a Minneapolis brewery founded in 2009. We own and operate a 20 bbl brewery and taproom in downtown Minneapolis next to Target Field, and a 50,000 square foot production brewery in Northeast Minneapolis. In 2016, Fulton produced approximately 26,000 barrels, sold across a five state distribution footprint. We’re a group of beer enthusiasts focused on brewing extraordinary beer and working to make our community a better place. Our Ful10 Fund provides loans and support to other small businesses and non-profits, and our Fulton Racing teams encourage participation in active lifestyle sports. Best of all, we get to live, work, and play in Minneapolis-St. Paul, consistently ranked as one of the top metro areas in the United States for quality of life, urban parks, education, bicycling, theater, dining, and more.

Sounds like a place you’d like to be? We are seeking a 2nd Shift Cellarman to join our rapidly growing company. The right individual is a leader who works well with others, focuses on quality and technical excellence, loves to work and play hard, embraces opportunities for continuous learning and improvement, and is passionate about extraordinary beer.


  • Preferred 2 years of experience at a production brewery. Formal brewing education, training, certifications, or accreditation are a plus.
  • A working knowledge of brewing/process equipment including: malt milling equipment, brewhouse equipment, and cellar equipment.
  • Must have the ability and aptitude to learn and perform basic electrical, mechanical, and programming troubleshooting.
  • Skills applicable to general maintenance functions, including mechanical, electrical, pneumatics, and boiler maintenance are a plus.
  • The ability to operate a fork lift and scissor lift; current training certification is a plus.
  • The ability to read and interpret manuals, schematics, and blue prints.
  • The ability to work flexible hours, especially evenings.
  • The ability to work independently with minimal direct supervision in a collaborative and dynamic environment, while efficiently prioritizing tasks.

Primary Responsibilities


  • Develop, maintain, and follow cellaring process and procedures to ensure the quality of Fulton’s products. 
  • Conditioning and carbonating finished beer to specified levels.
  • Centrifuge finished beer: set up, sanitize, operate, and CIP the centrifuge.
  • Clean (CIP), purge, and sanitize fermentation and brite beer tanks after centrifuging and packaging.
  • General cleaning of fermentation cellar area and equipment.
  • Yeast management, harvesting, and pitching.
  • Execute all dry hop related processes. 
  • Monitor fermentation progress by taking gravity & pH readings.

Brewhouse Assistance

  • Assist brewing staff with tasks including:
    • Staging and setting up malt bags and totes
    • Milling grain
    • Preparing hop additions
    • General brewhouse cleaning
  • Follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for production processes


  • Record production and batch/lot data using log sheet and Orchestrated Beer as required.
  • Assist Plant Maintenance Staff troubleshooting and occasional maintenance tasks
  • Identify opportunities for operational improvement

Brewery Working Environment

The demands of the Cellarman position are very physical in nature.  The demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.  While performing the duties of this job you will be working over, under, and around machinery in tight and cramped spaces.  You will need to be able to work in awkward positions for extended periods of time and/or standing, kneeling, and crouching for long periods of time.  You must be comfortable working at heights while standing on a ladder or in a basket.  This work environment involves indoor and outdoor activities in various temperatures and weather conditions.  The ability to frequently lift and/or move up to 50 pounds. Employees are exposed to high levels of noise and other hazards requiring the use of personal protective equipment.

Compensation & Benefits

Fulton offers salary commensurate with experience and a benefits package. We’re looking to hire people who are serious about beer without taking themselves too seriously. The ability to adapt to change, operate independently, work hard, and learn fast is a must.

Still interested? Send your resume and any other reasons why you’re a good fit at Fulton to Jim Diley at recruiting@fultonbeer.com.



Posted Wednesday April 12, 2017

How do you build character in a beer?

That's a pretty big question depending on who you ask (and can be answered in both long and short form). For us at Fulton the answer takes many forms, too. We introduced our new Mixed-Culture Fermentation series aptly titled "Culture Project' earlier this year as a segment of our beer portfolio with an ever-changing set of characteristics. Each release in this series undergoes primary fermentation in stainless with Sacchraromyces, but it's what comes next that builds character. For Culture Two, we introduced a blend of Brettanomyces, Pediococcus and Lactic Acid Bacteria and aged it in oak for nearly 2 years. This week we're happily seeing our 2nd release of this series show up on shelves at finer bottle shops around the metro. It's an exceedingly dry, golden-colored ale that wears a gentle acidity. With hints of oak, citrus and wine this might be our most complex beer to date. We urge you to grab a bottle for a special dinner or occasion, as each beer in this series seems almost destined for food pairings.

Fulton's Culture Two

Fulton's Culture Project #2 (draft)



Fulton Gran Fondo & Friday Feast
Posted Monday April 10, 2017

With each new spring season that arrives, so comes the intense internal planning we subject ourselves to for our annual Fulton Gran Fondo event. And though on a day like today it doesn't feel so spring-like, nevertheless we've been as busy as ever trying to pour as much fun into one day as possible. That said, we realized that one (day) wasn't going to be enough this year. That's why we've added a whole new event the night before Fondo. For riders of the following day's 50 and 100 mile rides thinking "oh great, a spaghetti dinner", just throw that notion out the window. We've teamed up with our good friends and partners at Chef Camp to put together a Whole Hog Feast. Chef Camp chefs Erik Sather and Yia Vang will be harnessing the flame and dishing up a hearty whole-hog feast fit for a king (or someone biking 100 miles). And since we've introduced a whole new night we thought why not introduce a brand new beer we're calling "HOPSTAR". It's a hazy, crushable, hop-punch to your taste buds and comes out in cans just in time for the kick-off of summer.

Gates open at 4 for Fondo Packet Pickup and for a Happy Hour.

Food service begins at 5pm and runs till 8pm.

Live music at 8pm.

Event ends at 9pm.

Grab your ticket ahead of time to insure your spot (and by which, we mean dinner).

Fulton Gran Fondo

Want to ride with us on May 6th? Registration is still only $54.95 through 4/30. 

Fulton Gran Fondo Friday Whole Hog Feast

Tickets for Friday's Whole Hog feast are limited. Beer, however, is not (we've got plenty).