There's no doubt that extraordinary beer and food enriches our lives. Balancing all that enrichment with exercise was the impetus for Fulton Racing. We chose racing because it allows us to achieve that balance while mixing in fun, community, the outdoors, and occasionally, spandex.

Fresh beer at every finish line

Fulton Racing sponsors ordinary people in competitive running, cycling, skiing, and even canoeing. If you've seen us out and about, you know Fulton Racing is not a group of elite athletes. We're a team of ordinary people who enjoy competition and exercise, but truthfully are more focused on sharing stories over beers at the finish line. 

If you're of a similar mind and would like to be sponsored, please send us a note at racing@fultonbeer.com. While our budget is limited and we can't sponsor everyone, we're open to pretty much anything and we'd love to hear from you.

Featured teams

Fulton X All-City Cyclocross

In 2013, we partnered with All-City Cycles to create what is now one of the largest and most present Cyclocross teams in Minnesota. The Fulton X All City CX team is now over 30 riders strong and is supported by a growing list of some of the best brands in the local cycling scene. 

Fulton Cross Country Ski

When the snow begins to fly you might see a Hopstar out on the trails. Make sure to say hi to the person wearing it. Not only are they ski enthusiasts, they are beer enthusiasts too and great ambassadors of Fulton. Our cross country ski team was formed in 2011 and continues to make the most of our beautiful Minnesota winters. And why wouldn't they? Skiing and beer, pretty hard to beat on their own but even better combined.

Ryan Sternberg

A Louisiana native, Ryan Sternberg has found a new home about 1,000 miles up the Mississippi River in NE MPLS where he is commonly spotted perfecting his craft at Uppercut Gym. Ryan is relatively new to muay thai and boxing but has quickly become a successful fighter. Recently he fought 13 times in 13 months and made it to the championship round in 3 national tournaments. Fulton appreciates Ryan's passion for his craft and his ties to the Northeast community where he is also sponsored by neighborhood favorites Grumpy’s and The Anchor.