Strong communities make extraordinary beer possible. Or is it strong beer that makes extraordinary communities possible? Either way, Fulton wouldn't be possible without the support of the passionate people of Minneapolis and the surrounding area. That’s why, we believe it’s our responsibility as a company to help strengthen the community that helped build us. 

We're eager to get involved in any way we can, so our community partnerships encompass a wide variety of activities, such as:

• Beer sponsorships for charitable events

• Silent auction merchandise donations

• Fundraiser partnerships


If you are a non-profit organization looking for a donation, visit the contact us page and complete and submit the Fulton donations request form. (Note: You must submit this form 4 weeks prior to your event or opportunity. We see hundreds of requests per month and adhering to this policy allows us proper time and attention to review your request.)

Featured Partners

Randy Shaver Fund

The mission of the Randy Shaver Cancer Research and Community Fund is to support the cancer community in Minnesota by funding research, prevention, treatment and other programs relating to the cancer community’s needs. As one of the first organizations Fulton partnered with back in 2010, it remains the single largest donation we make each year. The Golf Classic continues to be a highpoint to our summers.  Since the fund started back in 1995 it has raised over 3.8 million to date.

Boys And Girls Clubs of The Twin Cities

The Boys and Girls Club of the Twin Cities is open to any child or teenager and offers 2-3 meals/day, a safe place to play after school and during the summer, as well as many programs to help their kids succeed in school by offering life-enhancing programs and character development experiences. Fulton continues to partner with the Boys and Girls Club by offering up our taproom for their Kids In The City fundraiser, sponsoring of off-site events as well as being a co-presenter for their Rip, Sip & Rock charitable concert. The North Side Boys and Girls club is exactly 2.5 miles from the Fulton Brewery, and helping out in our own neighborhood is hugely important to us.



Northern Lights.mn

Northern Lights.mn is a roving, collaborative, interactive media-oriented, art agency from the Twin Cities for the world. It presents innovative art in the public sphere, both physical and virtual, focusing on artists creatively using technology, both old and new, to engender new relations between audience and artwork and more broadly between citizenry and their built environment.

Fulton is a proud supporter of Northern Lights' mission and believes in the inclusive and approachable nature of it's projects. A vibrant arts community is one of the reasons Minneapolis is extraordinary and Northern Lights.mn is a key component of this community.

MPLS Firefighters Operation Warm

Operation Warm is a nationwide 501-c3 non-profit organization that brings quality, new winter coats to children in need. By working closely with other organizations they are able to leverage their donations and relationships to do further good including the creation of educational assistance and after school programs, life skills training, health care and social work. Being a Minneapolis-based company, we understand how brutally cold winter can be an what an impact Operation Warm's donations have had to our community. Each year we host their fundraising event with the Minneapolis Fire Department helping to bring thousands of coats to those in need locally.