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Posted Monday February 3, 2020


Fulton Mixed 12pack Vol. 4

If we've learned anything already in this new year it's that having options is a blessing. Whether it's this past weekend's Stupor Bowl, upcoming holiday gatherings (Valentines Beers anyone?), or just a sunny day as excuse to get outside- extraordinary lives thrive when there is room for some variety. And, coincidentally enough we just so happen to have the perfect Mixed 12 pack out now that's chocked-full of variety. Our Vol. 4 Sampler is comprised of Lonely Blonde, 300 Mosaic IPA, a Chocolate Oatmeal Milk Stout and our very first Maibock. A little something for everyone. We can certainly cheers to that.


Grapefruit Lonely Blonde

Is it Spring yet? Wait, we don't care! We're bringing back everyone's favorite American Blonde Ale with a touch of grapefruit regardless of the season we're in. And, we're happy to report we're bringing it back full-time. Yep, we're going all year with this one and couldn't be happier about it. Just remember, it's not a fruit beer, it's a beer with fruit!


Fulton Taproom's "Fulton After Dark"

What happens at the Fulton Taproom afterhours? You'll never know unless you find out for yourself. Your next chance to is February's Fulton After Dark on 2/16 at 9pm. Maybe we'll see you there if you're curious enough...

Fulton Gran Fondo

The Fulton Gran Fondo is nearing! It's the year's first big, local block party, which in it's own right is reason to celebrate (Spring! Warmth! Sun!). But the 7th annual Fulton Gran Fondo is also so much more. It's 3 separate bike rides, it is a day filled-to-the-brim with a massive selection of Fulton beverages, it's a sunny afternoon with food from some of MPLS' favorite food trucks, and it's a charitable event with $1 from every beer sold going straight to our cherished neighbors (and one of MN's best arts organizations) NEMAA. If you're planning to ride with us, than now is the best time to register. Prices go up March 1st! Sign yourself up right here and secure your spot at one of MN's largest (and funnest) rides.


Yes, We Are Open
Posted Monday January 20, 2020

Fulton Sampler Vol 4

Is January Still Dry?

If variety is truly the spice of life then we are livin' well. Our first mixed 12 pack of 2020 is a celebration of the tried-and-true meets brand new. With Lonely Blonde and 300 we nod towards the familiar. The addition of a Chocolate Oatmeal Milk Stout, and our very first Maibock round it out in the exciting and new territory. These fresh new samplers start hitting stores very, very soon.

Taproom Construction update

If you've been by our North Loop taproom in the past couple of weeks you would be forgiven if you thought we were closed. Our renovation plans kicked off last week and we're well on our way to a bigger, better taproom. Though, behind all the construction fencing, tools, workers and dust is our faithful staff awaiting your arrival. So, to answer your question- Yes, we're open. Still curious? Watch this video for a little teaser of what's to come.

Fulton HOPPED! Hard Seltzer

It's heeeeere! And by "here", we mean all over the metro. It's crisp, clean, and pleasantly HOPPED! up enough to convert some of those beer diehards that haven't crossed over to the Hard Seltzer club yet. Go ahead, have more fun.



Twenty Twenty
Posted Monday December 9, 2019


2019, you've been a big one. Any which way we dice it up this year has been an incredible addition to the Fulton story. At the center of this year's excitement has been the launch of our line of Hard Seltzers which made their debut back in May. We knew you were thirsty MN, but we didn't know you were THAT thirsty. Kudos to you for quenching thirsts in style and keeping it local at the same time. We've got a bunch of new hard seltzer packages coming your way in 2020 and kick that off right away in the new year with our Hopped! flavor. When you're done reading here, scroll down to see sneak peeks of our other varieties coming.

We took Lonely Blonde and developed our first brand extension with Grapefruit Lonely Blonde. Which, we're proud to say comes back this next spring as our newest year-round beer (with new packages!). The Fulton Gran Fondo got it's first route update since it began in 2014, we released a number of Barrel-Aged beers at GABF with our pals Jameson. Most recently we won gold at the Growler Magazine's KOABD awards for both Lonely Blonde and Blood Orange Hard Seltzer. Oh yeah, and we celebrated our 10 year anniversary in style at the Fulton taproom back in October. Whew, what a year. 

Speaking of taprooms, we want to let you in on some big news first. Minneapolis' first taproom (ours!) is going to go through some pretty significant changes and upgrades in the months to come. We're focused on leveling up our space, service, offerings and expectations and will begin to do so with a remodel that begins soon. The first thing you'll notice is our shiny Airstream is going away. Fulton taproom kitchen food will go away with it, albeit temporarily. Next Spring we'll be delivering up new food favorites alongside familiar and forthcoming beers...all in a spiffy new space that increases our occupancy and your enjoyment. Stay tuned at our Taproom's Facebook or Instagram for news and BTS updates.

Fulton Hopped Hard Seltzer

Attention Hop Heads, we've got something special for you. Fulton Hopped Hard Seltzer makes it's way to you early January. It's crisp, aromatic, and mega-refreshing. 

Fulton Brewing Sampler Vol. 4

A Maibock, IPA, Blonde Ale and Chocolate Oatmeal Milk Stout walk into a bar...this coming February we release our first Mixed 12 pack of the year. With shiny new brews and fan favorites. Like volumes 1-3 before it, there's a little something for everyone.

Fulton Citrus Ginger Hard Seltzer

Holy Moly, Batman! Just in time for St. Patrick's Day and best paired with our favorite Irish Whiskey we're betting you're going to find a new green, permanent fixture in your fridge soon.

Fulton Blood Orange Hard Seltzer

Growler Magazine (and you!) named it the best Hard Seltzer in MN this year. So why wouldn't we put it in a bigger can for you to sip and savor? Look for these in our brand new cardboard wraps this Spring.

Fulton Grapefruit Lonely Blonde

We took our most recognizable beer and gave it the citrus treatment this past Spring and it turns out we were onto something. MN couldn't get enough and kept asking for more, so we had to oblige. Grapefruit Lonely Blonde makes it's way to our full-time roster this Spring! Not only that, we're releasing it in 12packs of 12oz cans. Oh, and a brand new cardboard wrap for our tallboy 4pks. Now that's alot of grapefruit.

Fulton Brewing Grapefruit Lonely Blonde Ale

If you've read this far than pat yourself on the back. Also, count yourself amongst those in the loop because we've got even more exciting releases in 2020 including more mixed packs, an ultra light Golden Lager, another local collab and maybe just maybe another Hard Seltzer flavor. Cheers to another year ahead!



Meet Us In Loring Park for HOLIDAZZLE
Posted Thursday November 28, 2019


Minneapolis Holidazzle

Minneapolis' most quintessential winter event is back again and bigger than ever. Yes, we're talking about Holidazzle. If you haven't been in the past 5 years, then you're forgiven for being out of the loop on all the fun happening Thursday-Sunday down in Loring Park this time of year. Let us catch you up on some of the festivities. 

Minneapolis Holidazzle

Beginning Friday 11/29 a trip to Holidazzle could include anything from interactive art to ice skating and much, much more. There's movies in the park, games, shopping, great local food, and festive firework shows to name just some of the highlights. But to us, the best part is the heated Fulton Beer Garden (we're biased, admittedly). Whether you're joining us for a trivia night or just stopping through each time you're thirsty and in the area, we're back again with a menu chocked-full of Fulton favorites and hard seltzers. And to satiate those curious craft drinkers out there, we've brewed two exclusive beers just for Holidazzle. For those feeling extra festive the Small Talk Stout, a Chocolate Oatmeal Milk Stout, was brewed with you in mind. Small Talk is an exceptionally smooth, chocolatey, malty, milk stout fit for winter chills. The second exclusive Holidazzle brew is as easy-drinking as they come. Introducing our Goodwill Gold Lager; It’s light, crisp, and is best paired with another one. Both are exciting new beers and both are around for a limited time. Get yours before they're gone.

Holidazzle 2019 Fulton Beers


Fulton Lonely Blonde KOABD Gold Winner

Holy. Moly.

We'll skip the speeches and cut straight to the punch: Thank you. Big time. We've always been proud of our top dog, but winning the 3rd consequtive Growler Magazine Kind Of A Big Deal award for Lonely Blonde (in our 10th year, nonetheless) means a little more than it has in the past. Our journey has been your journey, MN. And, looking back on the last few years in particular we are so grateful for your support in helping us make it this far. There's a reason Lonely Blonde is one of the biggest craft beers in Minnesota. That reason is you. So thank you, from all of us here at Fulton.

Growler Magazine KOABD gold winner: Blood Orange Hard Seltzer

The year of the Hard Seltzer isn't over just yet! Can you believe our four faithful Hard Seltzer flavors have only been around since May? We crafted our mixed 12 pack with a collection of flavors that made pleasing a group of party people easier than ever, but we never expected to win an award in the same year. Our Blood Orange flavor won gold this past weekend and we're still riding high on this achievement. Get yours in our Mixed 12packs out now wherever Fulton is sold. And, expect good things in the year ahead for Fulton Hard Seltzer...we've got more fun for you still.


Have (even) more fun with Fulton HOPPED! Hard Seltzer
Posted Tuesday November 19, 2019


Fulton Hopped! Seltzer

Move aside, Fruit. There's about to be a new member of the Fulton Hard Seltzer family in town – Hopped! We took everyone's favorite beer ingredient and brought it firmly into the Hard Seltzer world. "What's it like?", you might ask. It's crisp, aromatic, and mega-refreshing (especially for all you hop-heads out there). And better yet, Fulton Hopped! Hard Seltzer is Gluten Free, just like our Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Berry, and Lemon Lime varieties. Look here for more information about our December release and/or follow us at @fultonbeer for updates. 



Fulton Hopped Water


Let's play a game of numbers! What's zero calories, zero carbs, zero ABV and zero IBU but is flavorful, aromatic and above all- hoppy? Oh, and don't forget delicious and refreshing? No, this isn't a scam or some weird diet drink. We're talking about Fulton's Hopped Water of course. Want some? Find yourself a pint exclusively in our taproom.


Holidays Fast Approaching
Posted Thursday November 14, 2019

Holidays in the park are near.


It's that time of year folks were we bundle up, grab a friend or the fam and head to Loring Park for Minneapolis' most festive holiday event. You guessed it- Holidazzle. We're taking over the heated beer garden for the 5th consecutive year to bring you games, guest appearances and not one but two custom Holidazzle beers. For those who are looking for something extremely easy-drinking and familiar we have created Goodwill Gold- a super light, crispy, un-fussy Golden Lager that will surely please even the non-craft drinker in your group. And for anyone looking to ratchet-up the good times with something fit for the season we're offering Small Talk Stout- our Chocolate Oatmeal Milk Stout. It's full bodied, chocolately, and incredibly smooth. Find both special beers, Fulton favorites like Lonely Blonde and Sweet Child of Vine and 2 of our new(er) Hard Seltzers. The festival kicks off Friday November 29th at 5pm...see you there!

Drinking Buddies: Fulton and Jameson Whiskey

Jameson Barrel Aged Brown Ale

Holy. Moly.

Our annual collaborative beer release with Jameson comes as a brand new beer to our lineup this year by way of our very first Brown Ale. Jameson Barrel-Aged Brown is the beautiful benefactor of a careful and complex marriage of malts, totaling a half dozen different varieties. Despite this hefty malt presence, it's uniquely balanced and goes down remarkably (too) easy. The beer rested over three months in Jameson Whiskey Barrels-adding to it's depth and imparting trace hints of vanilla and oak flavors. It is medium bodied and will surprise you with it's smooth texture, clean finish, and overall drinkability. This is easy, late Autumn drinking defined. You can get your hands on a pint beginning next week at select Fulton accounts across the metro.

Fulton Brew Jitsu - This Weekend

Fulton Brew Jitsu

If you're into mixed martial arts and craft beer, then we've got a dream event for you this Saturday 11/16 right here at our NE MPLS production brewery. We've brought back Fulton Brew Jitsu and it's going to be bigger and better than before. But if you don't grab your ticket now, you'll miss out on all the fun (and trust us, there's plenty of fun planned).


Star Cross Weekend
Posted Thursday October 31, 2019


Fulton Star Cross

The breath hangs in the air. There's a crisp smell of a season changing all around you. And the views from the (free) beer garden include scenes of personal fortitude and perseverance. Where does a scene like this unfold on a chilly November weekend in MN? Lions Valley Park Place, of course, at the Fulton Star Cross. Our big fall-time Cyclocross event is back again and proves to be bigger-than-ever before (it's the Upper Midwest Regional CX Championship this year!!!). Whether you're riding in one of the heats, helping your fellow riders with a hand-up or just cheering from the beer garden-there's a place for you this weekend at the Fulton Star Cross. See the All-City X Fulton Cyclocross team in action while enjoying some of your fave Fultons. See you in the park!


Fulton 10th Anniversary Throwback Pack

Happy Birthday to us. New mixed 12 packs are in stores and in stock now. Our new throwback pack is chocked full of hits from yesterday and today including: Libertine (Imperial Red Ale), Ringer (American Pale Ale), Insurrection (Imperial IPA), and Lonely Blonde (American Blonde Ale). With a little something for everyone and a nod of nostalgia to boot, we're confident this is trip down memory lane will be a delicious and memorable one for you and yours. 


The Fulton 10 Year Anniversary "Throwback Pack"
Posted Thursday October 24, 2019


Fulton Throwback Pack

What's a 10th anniversary without a few celebratory beers to enjoy? And, if you're sharing you best make sure there is enough to go around, right!? It's in that spirit that we are excited to bring back (temporarily!) 3 of our beloved beers from our past for one more go-around. Introducing the Fulton 10 Year "Throwback Pack". Beginning next week you'll be able to pick up these mixed 12-ers chocked full of Fulton hits at wherever you buy Fulton. The chart-toppers include our all-time #1 Lonely Blonde, and Ringer, our highly-repeatable American Pale Ale. Also included in this box set are deep cuts like Insurrection, a cult favorite Imperial IPA and an Imperial Red Ale that dates back to our very first homebrew recipe by the name of Libertine. So sit back, put on your favorite record, crack open one of these hits and let the good times role.

Fulton Mixed 12 "Throwback" Pack


What is Fulton After Dark?

Sunday 10/27 9PM


True Autumn Vibes
Posted Thursday October 17, 2019

Fulton at Autumn Brew Review

Autumn Brew Review

The leaves are changing, the temps are lower and there's a certain crispiness to the air most days. Fall descends on Minneapolis in a powerful way and at once leaves us longing for sunnier days while embracing "sweater weather". One thing that doesn't change with the season though is Minnesota's thirst for the fine craft beer. If you're like us, you probably enjoy the beers AND the seasonal shift all at once at events like this Saturday's Autumn Brew Review. We're happy to report we'll be in attendance pouring some exclusive and hard(er)-to-get beers from our cellar (Sweet Child Old Fashioned anyone?) alongside all our Hard Seltzers. The fest starts at 5 and is on Boom Island. SEE. YOU. THERE.

Growler Magazine's KOABD Awards

Growler Magazine's Kind Of A Big Deal Awards

Love Fulton? More specifically, how about Lonely Blonde, 300 Mosaic IPA, Hopstar, and our Blood Orange Hard Seltzer? If any (or all) of those are amongst your fave grown-up beverages then help us out a little with a vote for Fulton over at Growler Magazine. Their "Kind Of A Big Deal" awards are coming up and we've been nominated in four categories this year. Voting ends soon so don't hesitate! Head here to cast your vote for Fulton.

Lonely Blonde 300 Hopstar Blood Orange Hard Seltzer



Big Week
Posted Tuesday October 1, 2019

Hello Again, I'm Proper Porter.

Fulton Proper Porter

What's smooth, balanced, confidently sturdy yet impressively quaffable? Proper Porter, of course! What was once a custom beer for our friends at Holidazzle is now available for a more broader consumption (lucky you) and begins to make it's full-time bottle debut. Find 6pks of Proper Porter starting this week where you buy Fulton.


Fulton Brew Jitsu event

World class Jiu-Jitsu returns to Minnesota next month at the 2nd Fulton Brew Jitsu event. One part superfights and one part seminar, Fulton Brewjitsu brings top BJJ athletes from across the world to Minneapolis for one special day of instruction, community, and entertainment. Oh, and of course, beer.

The 2019 Fulton Brew Jitsu is brought to you with the support of Fuji Mats and is in collaboration with We Defy and Brewjitsu ATX. Whether you're just wanting to watch, or you're ready to Gi-up for the seminar portion of the event, you can take your pick here.


Jameson Barrel Aged Beer Garden at GABF 2019

OH GABF! The Great American Beer Festival is just days away and we're giddy about heading to Denver to attend. It's what some call the pinnacle beer festival here in the U.S. and we'd agree with that in a heartbeat. And in the past 2 years we'd like to think things have got even better with the addition of the Jameson Caskmates Barrel-Aged Beer Garden. For the 2nd year in a row we're meeting up with our other Drinking Buddies in Jameson's Caskmates program for a weekend full of oak-aged beer goodness. Headed to Denver yourself? Come say hi and sample one of our 3 special barrel-aged beers.


Fulton 10 Year Anniversary Party

It's hard to believe, (and it's even weirder to type) but this month marks our 10 year anniversary of the first Fulton beer poured in the public. It's a milestone that really wasn't easy to envision at times, especially as we've kept our noses to the proverbial grind stone this past decade trying to keep up with a very, very thirsty MN (and beyond). But we're here, we're proud, and we're ready to party with you. This Saturday at Minneapolis' first taprom (ahem, ours!) we're cranking up the tunes, tapping some exclusives and dishing out good vibes with everyone who attends. Party starts at 2pm and is free.