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Greatest Hits Observed
Posted Friday July 3, 2020

We're half way "there", folks.

Fulton Solar Vortex Session Ale

If ever there was a time where "I need a beer" seemed like a factual statement, now would be that time. In many ways, the past 4 months seem unrecognizable to years past, and as such, announcing new products lately has felt a bit out of place for us. But, our understanding of what it means to carve out a few moments of daily respite has been honed and is appreciated more now than ever. So with that in mind, we want to talk about our Greatest Hits mixed 12 pack for just a minute.

Lost in the shuffle of a year-gone-weird, our latest mixed 12 pack offering has arrived silently in stores across the state. With 300, Sweet Child, Lonely Blonde, and the return of last summer's Solar Vortex all in attendance, the offering screams of maximum Summer enjoyment. There's a little bit of something for everyone, and everyone is invited. But if you're sharing good times over beers, then we'd like to help set the mood with some tunes. We did a quick poll of Fulton staff to see what some of our favorite people's favorite songs were and we want to share them with you. If you're a Spotify user, follow this link for our first playlist and stay tuned...there's more to come.

Fulton Greatest Hits



A little bit of good
Posted Tuesday June 16, 2020

Last Tuesday, we opened the doors to our taproom after a 12 week shutdown. It was a bittersweet moment for us. For months, we had eagerly awaited the day when COVID restrictions would be eased and we could welcome you into our newly renovated taproom and patio. But in consideration of the pain and loss in our community following the murder of George Floyd, we pushed our re-opening back by a week, and pledged to donate 100% of sales from our first week to West Broadway Business and Area Coalition. We're proud to report that you helped us raise over $11,500. To everyone who came out last week while we worked out the kinks of reopening in this new COVID world, thank you. We look forward to serving you all in the future. Until then, be safe and be kind to one another.

Thank you for supporting the Fulton Taproom

Home office remodel anyone?

Fulton Mixed 12pk of Hard Seltzer

Who says all those zoom calls have to happen indoors? Not us! Lately our home office is looking a lot like your standard front yard hangout. If you see us outside, computer on our laps and headphones in, give us a wave (but don't honk please, we're "in a meeting").


Immediate Action
Posted Friday June 5, 2020

“The world is before you, and you need not take it or leave it as it was when you came in.”

― James Baldwin


The four founders of Fulton -- Jim, Brian, Peter, Ryan -- are all white men, as are the majority of our employees. Though we cannot speak directly to what it is like to live as a person of color in America, we want our neighbors, friends, and coworkers who are people of color to know that we hear your voice, are listening to your words, and are supporting your actions. 


Our first core value at Fulton is “we are in it for each other.” We also believe that we have an obligation as a business to act as a citizen of our community. Taken together, these beliefs compel us to action. We will not remain complicit in silence. Fulton is committing to use the voice, the skills, and the means that we have to support the building blocks of racial justice in our local community, specifically in North Minneapolis. 

We are taking immediate action: 

  • Next Tuesday, our taproom will open for business for the first time in 12 weeks. We will be donating every dollar of sales for the taproom’s first week of business to the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition. Just a bridge away from both of our breweries, these businesses are community cornerstones, just as Fulton strives to be. For those who would like to contribute but can’t make it into our taproom, we encourage you to make a direct donation of your own. 
  • Our company’s voice will convey a message of hope, opportunity, and urgency in the fight for racial justice. One way we will communicate this will be on a mural designed and painted by a BIPOC artist on our taproom’s north exterior wall. 
  • We will engage our city leaders to demand that they take a stand against police brutality and the institutional culture that enables it.
  • In the coming year, our taproom will host a series of public conversations centered around issues of race in our local community. 
  • In the coming months and years, Fulton will continue to build partnerships with businesses and non-profits focused on Minneapolis’ North Side. 


These are only steps in a long journey with an uncertain outcome. As supporters and fans of Fulton, we invite you to join our effort.


A message to our community
Posted Friday May 29, 2020

This week Minneapolis has been jarred out of the privileged existence in which so many of us live. Our whole city suddenly feels the fear and exposure that minorities in our country have endured for centuries. It may not be the duty of a brewery to speak out on every social issue in our community, but it is our privilege. And it IS our duty to acknowledge that privilege is a real thing that exists and if you’re born with it you have the freedom to choose how to live your life or run your business and then just do that. And if you’re not born with it, it’s uphill all the way to the start line, and after that too. And even then you might get killed like George Floyd was. 

We founded Fulton with the belief that our business has a duty to act as a citizen of our community, and that duty extends to doing our part to make our community a better, happier place to live. Today, our community is hurting in a way it never has during our existence, and like all of our neighbors, we’re confused, hurt, angered, fearful. How do we make sense of the senseless death of a defenseless man? Then of the destruction of innocent businesses and workplaces and residences?    

Like many of you, we are grappling with how we can turn this week’s shocking, saddening events into positive energy and constructive action that will make our community a better place now and for years to come. For everyone. As we all work through this, all we ask is for you to be there for each other, and be good to one another. If you choose to make your voice visible by protest, please do so safely and responsibly as a citizen of our community.


A Taproom Reopen For Us All
Posted Wednesday May 27, 2020

Who wants to have a beer on our new patio next week?

Fulton Taproom (new) Patio

If you answered "yes", then get ready. We're opening up next Monday 6/1 and can't wait to host you at our newly renovated taproom. We've been working on our spaces, inside and out, for nearly half a year now. We may not be able to seat you indoors at a table or the bar yet, but we're eager to have you over.

We've created numerous safety measures for both guest and staff that we'll be sharing with you by this weekend. Stay tuned here (and on social @fultonbeer) for all the relevant updates to come regarding our re-opening next week.



Seeing Though Blood Orange Lenses
Posted Monday May 11, 2020

Blood Orange Tall Boys Are Here!

Blood Orange Hard Seltzer


The people (yeah, you!) have spoken and we've heard you loud and clear. Minnesota loves our Blood Orange Hard Seltzer (a lot). So in the spirit of "give the people what they want" we're proud to report 16oz 4pks of our flagship flavor are coming your way. These little orange cubes of deliciousness are hitting stores beginning today here in the metro and will begin to work their way out from there in the weeks to come. Find them where you find all your favorite Fulton goodies.

Fulton Hard Seltzer



What's Up Fulton Episode 2: A Special "Thank You"
Posted Thursday April 30, 2020

A special "thank you" from all of us at Fulton Brewing. Without you, there's no us.



The Chill City Chugger
Posted Tuesday April 7, 2020

Beer That Tastes Like Beer

"Beer that tastes like beer." It's a familiar phrase to many (most?) beer drinkers and is symbolic of not only a style of beer but a particular mood and simplicity of beer enjoyment. It speaks to the pure and quick satisfaction a crisp, low ABV, straight-forward Golden Lager can provide upon that first sip (or gulp). "Beer that tastes like beer" leaves no room for guesswork when serving as a request, too. It says, effectively and succinctly, "Give me a beer and give it to me now, I'm thirsty". 

So it is with great excitement we're pleased to announce the arrival of our newest year-round beer: Chill City Chugger. In these wicked, complicated times we believe a little escape from all of life's hassles is in tall order.

With that said, we'll take another one, please.



Extraordinary beer for extraordinarily weird (and difficult) times
Posted Wednesday March 18, 2020

Fulton Grapefruit Lonely Blonde 12 packs

Grapefruit Lonely Blonde 12 Packs

Somehow an otherwise ordinary beer release announcement seems like a well-deserved break from the less-than-inspiring news feeds as of late. With some warmer, sunnier days (hopefully ahead for all us!) we're just happy knowing that we can help offer a little relief 12 ounces at a time. Keep an eye out for 12packs arriving in stores this week across the metro and slowly beyond. Oh, and unlike last year's seasonal release we're happy to report Grapefruit Lonely Blonde is here to stay (year round!)

Fulton Gran Fondo postponed

Fulton Gran Fondo Postponed

We are postponing the 2020 Fulton Gran Fondo until later this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It stings just a little more to add to the growing list of fun stripped out of our lives, but it's the right decision for the safety of each rider and our community. We're targeting late Summer/early Fall as a time period that hopefully ensures we'll be able to deliver the full-scale event we're so used to hosting and that you are used to attending. We're working diligently to hone-in a particular day for the event that will work for our partners, vendors, cyclocross team, and staff among many others (and including you!).

In the mean time, and on a more enjoyable note- we're looking into creating a virtual component to be held on Saturday, 5/2. Also, we want to ensure everyone who's registered for any of the 3 routes that your registration info and payment is secure and will carry-over 100% to the new date. We will be leaving our registration open between now and our new date announcement. Our pricing tier was previously scheduled to increase on 4/1, but we'll be holding out on that increase until the new date is announced (added bonus). Also related- for those who've ordered (or were planning to) their limited edition 2020 Fulton Gran Fondo jersey we want you to know that production is still going as planned. However, pickup won't be available till the new event date.

These times might be weird, but at least we have each other (and beer). Be safe. Be smart. Be considerate. Be well.



Spring (With a Hint Of Ginger) In The Air
Posted Monday February 24, 2020

Zingiber officinale anyone? 

Fulton Citrus Ginger Hard Seltzer

Bring on the ginger! Bring on the citrus! We're proud to introduce our 6th hard seltzer, "Citrus Ginger", which is hitting stores as you read this. Hot on the heels of last month's "Hopped!" flavor, our newest offering comfortably straddles the line between two beverage worlds: Easy, straight-out-of-the-can enjoyment and; delicious, 30 second cocktail ingredient. However you enjoy our new Citrus Ginger hard seltzer we're confident you'll relish the clean and finishe. Look for it at nearly 100 tastings across the metro during the month of March alongside our favorite drinking buddy (Jameson, naturally).

Fulton & Sun Country Airlines Leap Year party

Our friends in the sky at Sun Country are celebrating the extra day we all get this year with Leap Year with a special dedication to all those leaplings out there. We're getting in on the action with them and hosting an afternoon of fun, giveaways, and some chances to win $229 flight vouchers. We're also handing out 2.29 ounce samples of Lonely Blonde, the only MN American Blonde ale on all Sun Country flights. The good times kickoff at 2:29pm Saturday 2/29. (Picking up what we're putting down here?)

Fulton Grapefruit Lonely Blonde

We took something good and put a twist on it last year with our (then) new Grapefruit Lonely Blonde. And wow, what a reception. What was intended to be a multi-season beer release for us has come back in 2020 as our latest full-time offering. So we ask all of you out there counting down the days to Spring to get those coolers cleaned out, grab your koozies, and clear out your beer fridges for some sun-inspired beer drinking. Tall boys are out now and our brand new 12packs of 12oz cans are coming soon. 

2020 Fulton Gran Fondo

We've got bands!!! We're extremely excited to announce our 2020 Fulton Gran Fondo band lineup (and it's a doozy!) A quick google or youtube search on any of the above musical fun-makers is surely all it should take to get you marking that calendar "busy" on 5/2. In other important party news-we're happily working with NEMAA this year as our charitable partner. We'll donate 1$ from each beer sold all day long. So come thirsty and know that you're helping support NE MPLS' most important and long-standing arts community supporter.