Messipi w/Brett

Amber Saison Aged in oak with Brett

Messipi w/Brett








A collaboration beer with our friends NOLA Brewing.

Water is undeniably the largest part of beer and is often times the most overlooked. Here in Minneapolis, we're as lucky as they come for having such an incredible source for our water; The Mighty Mississippi. With breweries on either sides of the river here in the city, we're extremely aware of our good fortune. We paired up with our friends to the south, NOLA Brewing, to brew a collaboration beer that pays homage to our mutual water source.

“Both of our breweries are within a few blocks of the Mississippi river so we wanted to create something that was tied together by the river. We also wanted to pay homage to the French settlers/voyageurs that helped create both New Orleans & Minneapolis. We used french malt, hops, & yeast (French Saison – 3711) to create an amber saison. The color of the beer is meant to mimic the amber waters of the Mississippi. We decided to create two different versions of the same beer to represent our different cities. The “clean” version is solely fermented with the french saison yeast and fermented in stainless to depict the clean headwaters of the Mississippi. The result is a crisp, clean, easy to drink amber saison with a subtle Noble hop character. The “dirty” or “funky” version is the same beer but aged in French oak red wine barrels that underwent a secondary fermentation with 12 different strains of Brettanomyces to depict all of the things that the water in the Mississippi picks up while flowing down south. The result is a slightly hazy red/amber saison with hints of red wine, oak, tropical fruit, & Brett character.”  -Fulton Head Brewer Mike Salo

One Time Only available in

750 ml