It's there and then it's not.

Specter, our NE Style IPA has a number of very distinct traits that separate it from the rest of our IPAs. It’s smooth, creamy mouthfeel and it's hazy appearance are by-products of a number of ingredients and process. We used nearly 20% oats in the mash, a chloride-heavy water chemistry, and low flocculating yeast. We aggressively hopped Specter with late boil and whirlpool additions, leaving it with little perceived lingering bitterness, but rather a tropical and juicy finish. If that wasn't enough, we dry-hopped this beer twice with Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo, and Nelson Sauvin to add aromas of citrus and stone fruits.

Specter is a distinct and deliberate departure from the high-clarification common in most of Fulton’s lineup. But don’t let that fool you, this is Fulton…NE (MPLS) style.


On November 1st, 2016, Fulton lost one of our family members, Greg Sincheff, to depression. Greg’s loss was felt by everyone in our company, from those who had just met him to friends he worked alongside and had known for half of his life. To honor Greg’s memory, we released a Northeast-style IPA titled “Grog”, which was his nickname. $1 from each pint of Grog sold at the taproom was donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

A year later, the beer first known as Grog is returning under a new name, “Specter.” The word Specter is defined as “a visible incorporeal spirit; ghost; phantom; or apparition.” The name is intended to continue honoring Greg’s memory. He is no longer here with us in the flesh, but we want his spirit to remain visible. This beer is one way for us to remember him. It is also an opportunity to bring visibility and awareness to suicide prevention. We will continue to do so each year this beer appears, by donating $1 for every pint sold at the taproom to the AFSP, and also by opening a dialogue on mental health issues which are all too often invisible.

The artwork on the can is inspired by the “Sugar Skull” commonly associated with the “The Day of the Dead,” a holiday observed each year on November 1st. It is a time traditionally set aside to honor loved ones who have died. Fulton first used the Sugar Skull image in our taproom in September 2016, to commemorate the Death of the Growler. We have brought back the Sugar Skull for Specter, as the day of Greg’s death coincides with this day of remembrance of the dead.

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