Fulton in the News

November 7, 2016

Fulton Beer out of Minneapolis, MN celebrated seven years of brewing this past Friday, October 29. They shared with their fans their thoughts and feelings about the journey that has taken them from garage to success. Find below the open letter to their fans...

October 13, 2016

Toast to the art of beer at Mia’s Third Thursday: Artoberfest on Oct. 20 from 6–9pm. Attendees at this free event will be able to:

EXPLORE the culture of beer with us, The Growler, and take home a souvenir from the Artoberfest photo booth.

TASTE one-off, art-inspired beers from Wabasha Brewing, Fair State Brewing, Bad Weather Brewing, & Fulton Brewing...

October 10, 2016

Fulton Standard Lager
Lager, 4.5% ABV, 30 IBU

If you ask any brewer what their favorite beer style is, chances are they won’t say an imperial stout or a double IPA. No, people who love beer are enchanted by simple, clean lagers that go down without too much thought. That’s why the rise of the “craft macro” (think Jack’s Abby Framingham Lager, Sixpoint’s The Crisp, or even Grain Belt Lock and Dam) is unsurprising.

Fulton’s freshly launched sub-brand Standard finally hit liquor store shelves early in October, giving the crisp-as-hell lager the package its build truly deserved. With a brassy, heavy malt body and a finish that’s clean as Bud but without all the obvious corn substitution, Standard Lager isn’t as pale or piss-yellow as a Coors or Miller but a rusty amber that almost feels nostalgic in a pint glass. It’s blue collar to the last drop.

October 5, 2016

If 10 years ago you had offered someone a beer that was sour, you might have been given a sideways look. Sour meant something was wrong. It certainly wasn’t what beer was intended to be. But times have changed. Sour beers are in demand. Flavors once limited to obscure brews from Belgium have been embraced by brewers across the United States. American wild ale is a recognized style category. And American beer drinkers are lining up for a taste...

October 3, 2016

In their beer-laden dreams, Ryan Petz and the rest of the group of owners atFulton Brewing always hoped they’d flourish to be as big and successful as they are now, seven years after first starting the operation in a south Minneapolis garage. Petz credits one Minnesota law – the so-called “Surly bill” that in 2011 ruled that breweries could also have tap rooms – as a major reason for their exponential growth. But another Minnesota mandate -- one of the state’s off-sale liquor laws – dictates that the expansion comes with a cost: no more growlers...

October 3, 2016

In this week's Monday Night Football Beer Pick 'Em, we let Blondes, Lagers, and Double IPAs from craft breweries in New Jersey and Minneapolis decide who will win the primetime matchup between the Giants and Vikings.

*hint, Standard Lager for the win.

September 30, 2016

MINNEAPOLIS - The event may be light-hearted in spirit but the reason behind it is kind of a buzz-kill. 

On Friday, Fulton Brewery held a "Death of the Growler" party at its tap room to mourn the "end of an era." Due to Minnesota beer laws, only breweries that sell less than 20,000 barrels a year are allowed to sell growlers to customers from the tap room. And, as it turns out, Fulton has grown since its early garage brewing beginnings and is now face-to-face with that barrel threshold. The growler, which according to the brewery wasn't a huge part of its revenue, holds a deeper meaning to the Fulton guys -- they credit it as the "trusty friend who helped bring so many new and familiar faces into our beloved taproom."...

September 22, 2016

Fulton Beer announced that the brewery will cut off growler sales at the end of September to comply with state limits.

Fulton surpassed the total production cap for an off-sale license when its production grew from 13,000 in 2014 to nearly 22,000 last year. Breweries cannot produce more than 20,000 barrels and still sell growlers, which buyers purchase directly from the brewery and can take offsite...

September 15, 2016

Finally, though, someone has come to their senses and created an adult camp that we can all get behind—even those of us who hated summer camp. We’re talking about a camp that neither panders to our sad sense of self nor tries to convince us that our glory days are long gone.

We’re talking about Pizza Camp.

September 14, 2016

BC: Who came up with this beer’s recipe?
At Fulton we have a fairly collaborative process for recipe formulation. I like to get everyone involved and get as many opinions as possible from within the company before finalizing a recipe. 300 was a little bit different -- it was more of a wild card the first time we brewed it. We wanted to make a special beer for the 300th batch from our original downtown brewery and it was supposed to be a wet-hopped IPA made with Cascade hops grown in the Midwest. We were working with a small hop farm and they had some problems with their harvest and were not able to supply us with the wet hops we were planning to brew with. At the time we didn’t have much space for malt and hop storage so I had to figure out something to do with the malt I was planning to use for the wet hop IPA. I took a look through our cooler and found a few boxes of Mosaic hops that we had purchased for experimentation and decided to make a Mosaic-forward, West Coast-style IPA...