Fulton in the News

October 7, 2019

Happy Anniversary to Red Wagon! The Southwest Minneapolis pizza joint is celebrating 5 years in business. Owner and Founder Peter Campbell stopped by KARE 11 today to talk about the big party they are throwing to celebrate.

The Family friendly Cirque-themed event is Sunday, October 6th from 2pm to 7pm at their 5416 Penn Ave S. location.

They will have bounce houses, face painting, juggling, balloon animals, live art from Lizardman and music by DJ Truckstashe.

Oh, and pizza of course.

September 26, 2019

Fulton Brewing in Minneapolis, Minnesota has announced the date for its 10th anniversary celebration.

The celebration will take place on Saturday, October 5 at the brewery's taproom.

The event will feature multiple beer releases, live music and much more.

The full release from the brewery is below.

September 12, 2019

A massive bar, ample indoor and outdoor seating, and a refurbished Airstream land yacht acting as the kitchen make Fulton a must visit. The Lonely Blonde and Sweet Child of Vine are two impressive members of the Minnesota craft beer pantheon, with the Worthy Adversary imperial stout a must try as well.

August 27, 2019

Cotton Candy Bubble Trouble, The Original Beergarita, Orange Push-Up Pop Beer and S'Mores Beer are all brand new at the 2019 Minnesota State Fair. 

July 29, 2019

Fulton Beer

Fulton Beer originally opened in the trendy North Loop neighborhood in 2009; it expanded into Northeast (NE) Minneapolis in 2014. The lively and laid-back ambiance is sure to delight any visitor to the area. There’s no shortage of fun names for the brews: Try one of the landmark beers like the Sweet Child of Vine IPA or the Lonely Blonde American Pale Ale. But Minnesota’s fourth-largest brewery hasn’t just mastered beer -- a recent expansion into alcoholic beverages has already proven fruitful (pun intended). Brand new to the Fulton operation is a line of hard seltzers in flavors like berry, lemon lime, blood orange, and grapefruit. Plus, a revamped Airstream food trailer rests just outside the North Loop taproom and serves up simple yet elevated grub like hot dogs, sandwiches, and sausages.

June 27, 2019

Craft Brewer Turned Craft Beverage Maker

One of the benefits of the craft beer industry is how nimble brewers can be when they find a new product line or style that resonates with their brewers, staff, and audience. When it came to hard seltzer, that inspiration was easy to find. Fulton Brewing’s Director of Marketing, Tucker Gerrick, noted that they decided to take a closer look at the hard seltzer trend after realizing that their Fulton staff drank much more than just beer – think Gin and Tonics and Negronis.

June 14, 2019


With the soaring popularity of hard seltzer nationally, Minnesota’s fourth largest brewery, Fulton, is quickly getting in on the action. It’s now selling four flavors of its own locally-produced seltzer at select liquor stores as well as its popular North Loop taproom near Target Field.

With fewer carbs and calories than many craft beers, hard seltzer has become a trendy alternative.

“We haven’t been doing it for super long,” said Tucker Gerrick, Fulton’s Director of Marketing, “but the response has been absolutely incredible and somewhat unexpected.”

Fulton produces its seltzer at the same Northeast Minneapolis facility where it brews many of its beers.

In the video above, Gerrick talks about the decision to start producing this new product, and how big he thinks it could turn out to be.

June 12, 2019

Fulton Solar Vortex
Session ale, 3.8% ABV, 10 IBU

Fulton brewed a winner in their Grapefruit Lonely Blonde, and now the North Loop brewery is taking another crack at fruit-infused success with their new blood orange ale Solar Vortex. Uber sessionable at 3.8% ABV, this low-weight ale leaks grapefruit and blood orange pith aroma the second you pop the tab. It goes down seamlessly, finishing with dryness that beckons sip after sip. If you’re the kind of drinker who started your beer journey on tart kettle sours, Solar Vortex will be an easy transition.

June 5, 2019

Fulton Brewing in Minneapolis, Minnesota has announced the upcoming release of Solar Vortex, a clever play on the "polar vortex" that took place a few years ago.

Solar Vortex is a "session ale with blood orange" and is meant to be a refreshing and quenching ale that pairs well with talking about the weather. The full release from Fulton is below.

It's raining. It's snowing. It's too hot. It's too cold. In the land of partly-cloudy we sure do enjoy our talk about the weather. And in that spirit we've crafted our newest beer-a Blood Orange Session Ale we're calling "Solar Vortex". Inspired by a yet-to-happen summer weather phenomenon (call it wishful thinking) it's dry, low in alcohol, and perfect for the summer ahead. Pick up your 4packs of tallboys beginning next week around the Metro.

June 4, 2019

31. Fulton 300

300 was initially a one-off in celebration of Fulton’s 300th batch in 2013. Now they produce over 29,000 barrels a year, and they’ve been forced to grow into a second production facility in Northeast. Through all the growth, 300 has remained, eventually becoming a year-round offering. The key to 300’s appeal is the way that it harmonizes the roasty, sweet richness of the Pilsner malt with the resinous pine of the Mosaic hop. That kind of balance never goes out of style, and this West Coast IPA persists as a reminder of Fulton’s first high-water mark.

25. Fulton War and Peace

Most people who start the novel War and Peace don’t finish it. Like the Tolstoy masterwork it’s named for, Fulton’s War and Peace imperial coffee stout is an undertaking. Brewed with whole dark roast Peace Coffee beans, this is a well-fortified 9.5% bomber that goes down contemplatively. But unlike the Russian novel, there is no satisfaction in finishing a bottle of War and Peace. When you’re done, you’ll wish there was a sequel. Good news: There is. A special cacao-infused variant is available in Fulton’s Mixed Coffee four-pack.