Strong communities make extraordinary beer possible. Or is it strong beer that makes extraordinary communities possible? Either way, Fulton wouldn't be possible without the support of passionate Minnesotans. That’s why, we believe it’s our responsibility as a company to help strengthen the community that helped build us.

We're eager to get involved in any way we can, so our community partnerships encompass a wide variety of activities, such as:

• Beer donations for charitable events

• Silent auction merchandise donations

• Strategic partnerships

If you are a non-profit organization looking for a charitable beer or gift card donation, complete the form below at least (4) four weeks prior to your event opportunity. We receive a ton of requests, so adhering to this policy allows us to give proper time and attention to review your submission. If you’re an organization looking to partner with Fulton in a larger capacity, please head to the Contact Us page and select Marketing/ /Partnerships/PR drop down to get your request to the right department.

Fulton Donations

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