Our society has always been driven by conformity, the beer industry included. That’s why when we chose to brew a blonde ale back in 2009 when the craft beer landscape was erupting with IPAs, it felt like we were taking a leap into uncharted territory solitarily. Lonely Blonde was the opposite of flashy or trendy.. Maybe they laughed at us for being different - for being lonely in a sea of hops, but few people doing extraordinary things ever did so by following the herd. What if today is the day we start embracing bravery again? A day for choosing your own path in harmony with yourself. Blowing shit up in the pursuit of whatever brings YOU joy, despite what brings it to others. Sometimes self-pursuit can feel like a hollow solo journey, but lonely ≠ alone. There is a profound confidence that erupts from within when you allow yourself to discover, innovate, create, and solve without the influence, distraction, and noise of the crowd. Wherever you find yourself today – we’re encouraging you to find your own Moment of Lonely to stand out from the crowd and stand up for whatever sets you apart.

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The number one selling Blonde Ale in Minnesota is having a moment. Always reinventing herself, there’s nothing mid about this year’s variety pack featuring Lonely Blonde, Tropical Blonde (a dreamy blend of passionfruit, orange, and guava), and the debut of Raspberry Blonde and Peach-Mango Blonde rounding out this seasonal 12-pack.