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Join us for Gasthof's Oktoberfest at Fulton NE
Posted Tuesday August 24, 2021


Get ready for Gasthof’s Oktoberfest at Fulton NE


Sure, it’s still August, but let’s talk about OKTOBERFEST (which is actually happening in September but whatever).

Friday and Saturday September 24 & 25th are the big dates, and der weit celebration will be going down right in our parking lot. And in addition to our own impressive array of beverages, we’ll also be pouring a variety of other beers like Paulaner Original Munich, Oktoberfest, & Hefeweizen, Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest and Munich Dark.

We’ll also have food trucks, live music, live screen printing on Saturday, a visit from MN Krampus, games and plenty of other fun Oktoberfesty things!



What would an Oktoberfest celebration be without music? 


Quiet, that’s what! No to mention a bit dull. Well fear not, because we have your ears and feet covered

On Friday 9/24 the celebratory music starts at 6PM with the Bill Koncar Band, and also features performances by the SG Edelweiss-St.Paul Bavarian dancers (festival runs from 4:00-10:00 PM).

Then on Saturday 9/25, Monica LaPlante gets things going at 2PM and then Winzige Hosen plays at 6pm (festival runs from 1:00-10:00 PM). See you there!



OktoberFeast @ The Taproom 


Get yourself ready for the big party with a casual teaser dinner here at Fulton Taproom! Dig into a three course, German inspired meal along and Fulton beer pairings. Listen to folk tunes from our local accordionist while playing that-one-hammer-game and waiting anxiously for the raffle drawing!

PLUS! Skip the line and head home with your Oktoberfest stein and first round token on us for Gastof's Oktoberfest @ Fulton NE the following week!

Get Ticket for OkotoberFeast at the Taproom

Some Fine Print : Tickets for this event are limited! Seating for the dinner will be community style. Covid is still a thing so to protect yourself, others and our breweries, masks are encouraged. And please, skip this event if you're sick. PROST!


Make your taste buds happy with this tasty American blonde ale with lime & salt!
Posted Monday August 16, 2021

Lime and Salt Lonely Blonde

It was recently a taproom exclusive, but now our tasty new Lime & Salt Lonely Blonde Ale is officially in stores.

 That’s right, now you can enjoy this new concoction we’re understandably proud of at your very own hacienda. So head to your favorite liquor store and grab yourself a 6-pack of some lime and salt-infused goodness to take to home, and get ready to make your tacos and taste buds tres happy.


The Fulton Labeled Can Saga™

“Hey – why is there a label on this can?” you’re doubtlessly asking yourself. Here’s why: among all the other significant ways COVID has been a complete pain in the arse, it has also affected supply chains—especially aluminum supply chains.

 Cans printed at the factory are preferred by most breweries (including ours) because they look and feel the best, are more cost effective, and are better for the environment. But they require long lead times and high minimum quantities. At the same time, at-home consumption of adult beverages has skyrocketed during the pandemic (understandable, right?), driving demand up as supplies dwindle.

It’s been a real challenge to stay ahead of this issue these past 18 months, and with demand for Lonely Blonde in cans at record levels (THANK YOU), we had to make a choice so as not to run out of inventory before the next shipment of cans came in.

 Then Pete—one of our founders—had an idea: dust off the trusty ol’ labeling machine we had sitting in storage and use it to make labels to slap on existing can stock. So we gave that labeling machine a reassuring pat and said “Get to work, buddy.” Plus, a new label supplier came to the rescue with lightning-fast turnaround times.

So there it is—you are now officially up-to-date on the whole The Fulton Labeled Can Saga™, and can recite it verbatim to friends when they ask why their cans are labeled, and look like someone who is wise in all the ways of the world. Cheers to that.


Fulton Gran Fondo - Get ready to ride
Posted Friday August 13, 2021

Get ready to ride, because the 2021 Fulton Gran Fondo is coming!

This year's event is going to be huge, and it's all going down on Saturday, September 25th. 

The Fondo rolls out at 9AM, and the Medio hits the road at 11AM. Then after the ride, festivities ramp up in our parking lot starting at 1PM with live music and our friends from Artcrank on hand selling posters.

Get yourself in gear and sign up at fultongranfondo.com.



We’re excited to debut our most energetic, fun, and forward-looking Fulton Gran Fondo jersey design yet. You’re guaranteed to look good and pedal faster in this year’s edition. Brought to you by our friends (and event sponsor) Donkey Label.

More about the 2021 Fulton Gran Fondo

The Fulton Gran Fondo is 9/25/21


Gran Fondo Early Bird Registration
Posted Thursday July 15, 2021


The Fulton Gran Fondo is 9/25/21

The Fulton Gran Fondo is finally back, and it’s going down on Saturday September 25, 2021. This is the last week for early-bird pricing, so register now and save some dough and start getting yourself ready for the bike ride and block party event of the fall.








Hard Seltzer Lemonade - Get it NOW!
Posted Friday July 2, 2021


Fulton Hard Seltzer Lemonade

Why are we so jacked about our new Hard Selzer Lemonade? Because it actually tastes like lemonade! And (like all of our hard seltzers) it's made with real fruit purees and no articial sweetneners, givie you a summer beverage that's crisp, clean and not-too-sweet. So head to your favorite metro area liquor store and pick up a 12-pack of your new summer jam. 


Summer Sounds on Spotify

Happy 4th of July, peeps. With beer and flag in hand, we invite you to crank up our latest Summer Spotify playlist. Curated by the Fulton staff, these are the songs that remind us of summer nights! Best played loud and on repeat.


June 2021 - Hello Summer
Posted Friday June 25, 2021


We made a new IPA.

Fulton IPA

It’s called “Fulton IPA.” It’s nice and simple and awesome, just as it should be. And you can find Fulton IPA in our taproom as well as throughout MN and metro area liquor stores. That name again? It’s Fulton IPA.




Hard Seltzer Lemonade


It’s already in our taproom, now our new Lemonade Hard Seltzer is being unleashed upon the wider public. Crisp and clean and not too sweet, it’s bound to be the hit of your 4th of July party. So head to your favorite metro area liquor store and pick up a sixer of your new summer jam.



Hank Shaw Book Event at Fulton Taproom


Famed wild food chef and cookbook author Hank Shaw will be live and in-person at the Fulton Taproom on July 15th from 5-8PM signing copies of his new book Hook, Line and Supper. Each ticket to the event includes a copy of his new book, a pint of Fulton’s Spinnerbait Keller Pils and a Fulton kitchen appetizer inspired by his book.

Purchase your tickets here 


Monica LaPlante at 7th Street

It’s been waaaay too long, but on Friday, July 9th live music will finally blast forth once again from the legendary 7th Street Entry stage with Monica LaPlante, EVV and Partial Traces kicking out the jams in a #SaveMNStages benefit for the Minnesota Independent Venue Alliance. 

Also on the bill that night: “Band Together,” a new one-of-a-kind Fulton IPA we brewed to support independent venues and promoters.

Get tickets at first-avenue.com   |   More about MNIVA at mniva.org/take-action


Strawberry Blonde Forever
Posted Friday April 16, 2021

Fulton Strawberry Lonely Blonde

A perfect pairing. A match made in heaven. A cosmic couple. Strawberries and Fulton  Lonely Blonde together are all those things in spades*. The two go together with such ease that it's nothing shy of kismet. Strawberry Lonely Blonde is fruity, pink, and as approachable as it's namesake. And, it's on it's way to you.

*It's also the product of a series of facepalms during a meeting in which we realized, "why are we not bottling this!?". Luckily, we're good at bottling.

Fulton Strawberry Lonely Blonde


We've been dropping new beers and new assortments like crazy this Spring! Our latest, pictured above, hits stores beginning next week. Cheers to Spring!

Strawberry Blonde Forever playlist

With beer in hand, we hope you give our latest product-inspired playlist a listen. Best played on repeat. Happy Friday!


Posted Friday April 9, 2021

Fulton Pale Ale Project

What was the beer, that one beer, that got you into craft beer?

Ask a large enough sample of brewers and chances are a bunch of Pale Ales will come out on top. It’s certainly true at Fulton. Some of our very first homebrews were Pale Ale, and each of us can trace our earliest craft beer crushes to a Pale Ale or two. And if you sneak into our houses (that’d be weird, please don’t) you’ll find a few in our fridges or at least our recycling bins. 

When we visit other breweries, the first beer we’ll look for on the menu is a Pale Ale. The style is a bellwether of sorts. Much like IPA, Pale Ales are a canvas for hops artistry. They can be packed with layers of flavor and aroma, yet they require balance and restraint and are far less forgiving of flaws than IPAs. If a brewery can nail a Pale Ale, you can bet pretty much anything else they brew is going to be spot on as well. 

Simply put -- Pale Ale is the quintessential American craft beer, arguably deserving of more credit for the success and growth of our industry than any other beer style. And in an era when breweries seem to be using more candy and cereal than malt and hops in their beers -- we think it’s time to rediscover the Pale Ale.

Fulton Pale Ale Project


This is the FULTON Pale Ale Project. We are on a journey, a mission, (a side quest?), to craft the perfect pale ale. It's an audacious project, we know. Will we achieve it? Don't know; you tell us if you think we've done it. But we know this: Pale Ale is the purest expression of American craft beer, and we're having a hell of a lot of fun bettering our own best version of it. Our first iteration hits stores beginning the week of 4/12.


Just Play The Hits
Posted Wednesday March 31, 2021


We got the band back together! Our newest, year-long mixed 12 pack is hitting store shelves beginning next week and it's chocked full of jams. It's easy drinking, familiar, and comprised of nothing but Fulton chart toppers. Look for it where you pick up Fulton beginning Monday.

Barrel-Aged Beer Fest at Fulton Taproom


Downtown in our little corner of the North Loop we're pouring a bevy of special barrel-aged and cellared goodies in celebration of Spring. We've got imperial stouts, coffee beers, cocktail-inspired beers...well, we've got something for everyone right now. But when those kegs pop, that's it.

Growler Revolution


If you wish you could buy Fulton beers right from the source, we urge you to watch the above video (just click image) and contact your local MN representative to help #FreeTheGrowler.


Posted Thursday March 25, 2021

Beer Fest at Fulton Taproom


At Fulton, we love cellaring special, rare, big, barrel-aged, or other sentimental beers as much as the next brewery does. But, with a certain feeling of new found energy downtown and with Spring in the air, we are unleashing a bevy of Fulton rarities and fan favorites. Beginning Wednesday, March 31st we'll be pouring selections from our cellar such as (but not limited to!):

  • BA Worthy Adversary  (Madeira barrels)
  • BA Worthy Adversary (Cognac barrels)
  • BA Worthy Adversary (Big Watt Gin barrels)
  • Jameson Barrel Aged Brown
  • BA Dopplebock
  • BA Chocolate Oatmeal Milk Stout
  • BA Fika Stout
  • 2018 War & Peace
  • BA Sweet Child of Vine (Old Fashioned Sweet Child, aged in Jameson Barrels)

In the weeks ahead we'll drop even more gems onto the menu as others from above disappear. But remember, once they're gone...they're gone for good.

See you in the taproom!

*Need a reservation? (hint: you do need a reservation) If so, click here.

**Maybe you bought beer already and take-out is more your thing? That's cool, too. Click here to order from our kitchen menu.

Fulton Barrel Aged Beers