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Even More Fun With Strawberry Rhubarb
Posted Tuesday October 13, 2020


Fulton Strawberry Rhubarb Hard Seltzer

What's more fun than Fulton's original Hard Seltzer Mixed Pack? Certainly the addition of another mixed pack, right? Yep! (Glad we think alike). Introducing our latest release: The Even More Fun pack. It's chocked full of current and future hits including Blood Orange, Citrus Ginger, our hard-to-get Hopped! variety and now our latest flavor: Strawberry Rhubarb. Our new Hard Seltzer is all the best parts of a classic, nostalgic pairing of ingredients (but with zero gluten and just a fraction of the calories if you were to seek out the pie equivalent, ha!). It's a flavor pairing made with true Minnesota spirit and it's here to ring in the Autumn in apropos style. The new pack hits retailers beginning next week...cheers!


Fulton Even More Fun Pack (Hard Seltzer)



Posted Thursday October 8, 2020

Beers and Tunes for This Moment

Fulton Brewing Fall Mixed Pack

One of the truly best aspects of living in Minnesota is certainly our beautiful and gorgeous Autumns. The foliage both in the cities and beyond puts on it's annual theater; a steady show of change through adaption and ultimately, the admittance that Winter is up next. The air is drier and crispier. The nights grow colder and thus create the perfect opportunity for outdoor socializing- The Backyard Bonfire. And if you're hosting a few friends for some outside distanced-hang time you're likely to need some beers to share and some tunes to enjoy. Lucky for you the latest iteration of our "Greatest Hits" 12pack is hitting the streets next week. This season's rendition comes with the pack staples of Lonely Blonde, Sweet Child of Vine, 300 IPA alongside a familiar comeback in Proper Porter. As always there's a little something for nearly everyone inside. But wait, there's more! (ha) No backyard bonfire is complete without the proper soundtrack to accompany the good times. Which is why we're releasing our latest Fulton Spotify playlist comprised of Fulton staffer's favorite tracks for chillin' out fireside. Enjoy!

Fulton Brewing's Proper Porter

The Fulton Taproom Wants You To Know

Fulton Taproom Patio

The Fulton taproom is closed Monday, October 12th for our Red Cross Blood Drive. Didn't get in this time but want to help? Stay tuned to Fulton social (@fultonbeer) for our next event. Otherwise get yourself a reservation and soak up some more perfect patio days before they're gone till next Spring. Reservations here.

Fulton Brewing Hop Water

And while you're at the Taproom, get yourself a sample of our Non-Alcoholic Hop Water. Trust us, you're going to flip when you have it. It's great for in-between beers and perfect as an ingredient for making cocktails at home. We've got to-go 6pks for you, too. 


Looking Into The Future
Posted Tuesday September 22, 2020


Fulton's Even More Fun Mixed 12 Pack

Raise your hand if you could use a little more fun in your day? If you aggressively threw both arms up towards the sky we feel you. In a year as trying as this one, we’re all deserving of a little rest, some relaxation, and even more fun. Right?

Enter the Fulton Even More Fun Pack; It’s our latest mixed 12er of Hard Seltzer and it’s chocked full of fun-loving flavors both familiar and new. We anchored this pack with Fulton best sellers Blood Orange and Citrus Ginger. Also included is our hard-to-get HOPPED! flavor. And with much excitement we’re releasing Strawberry Rhubarb, possibly our most Minnesotan flavor yet.

These new 12 packs are slated for a mid/late fall release and will be available at finer Fulton-supporting retailers near you.



Get Out The Vote

The time is here to get out the vote (even if that means staying in)! The League of Women Voters is hosting a voting information event at the Fulton taproom on Saturday, October 3rd. Find out about voter registration, candidates, and more. It's time to flex those democracy muscles everyone! We hope to see you on the 3rd, but if you can't make it and you're looking for some good places for information try the below links:

  • Look up info on candidates for the upcoming election in MN. Go here.
  • Register to vote online right here
  • Request an Absentee/Mail-in Ballot. Go here (don't wait!)


Giving and Receiving
Posted Wednesday September 16, 2020


Specter NE IPA

At Fulton each of our releases is the direct result of the tremendous talent, time, commitments and care of dozens of people trying their very best to create the “everyday extraordinary” each time they clock in for a shift. That is no more true than in our annual release of Specter- a beer very close to our hearts.

In 2016 Fulton lost one of it’s family members, Greg Sincheff, to depression. To honor Greg’s memory, we released a NE IPA titled “Grog” (his nickname). A year later we changed the name to “Specter”, and have since continued our annual fundraising for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Now in our 5th year, we’re again donating $1 from each Specter pint sold in the Fulton taproom. When you drink one, you directly benefit an organization doing extremely meaningful work.

Can’t make it in for a beer but want to contribute? No problem. You can donate directly right here. We're hoping to raise $5k this fall and we need your help to do it.

And if you, or someone you know is in a crisis, we urge you to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or text “Talk” to 741741. It’s free and confidential.

American Foundation For Suicide Prevention


Give the gift of life

Another oportunity to help those in need is right around the corner at Fulton. Did you know that the blood you donate in just one sitting can help save the lives of up to 3 people? When you give, you're truly giving the gift of life for those in need and the need is high. If you're ready to help out, follow the link and sign up for the Fulton Taproom's American Red Cross blood drive on October 12th. You get a free Covid-19 antibody test and some Fulton swag for participating. And, of course, warm fuzzies knowing you're saving lives.


Fulton NA Hop Sparkling Water

Question: When it comes to tasty beverages why should beer have all the hop-filled fun?

Answer: It shouldn't!

It's with this simple Q&A in mind that we developed our Hop Water. It's all the flavorful, aromatic, hoppy goodness you've come to expect from Fulton's IPAs but with none of the alcohol, calories, or carbs associated with beer drinking. And since there's no alcohol, we're able to sell 6pks to-go in the Fulton Taproom. (Winning!!!) Get yours now.

Fulton Taproom Kitchen preview

For those who've read this far, a little reward and nod to the future for you. The Fulton Taproom Kitchen is nearly up-and-running and with it will come an entirely new menu chocked full of future classics. Stay tuned! 


Hops & Home Runs
Posted Monday August 31, 2020

The month of September is already looking good.

Specter NE IPA


If the weird year we're living in currently has taught us anything, it's that looking forward to future milestones is not just wishful thinking, it's a way of exercising hope. All the more reason to bring Specter back to the seasonal release lineup a couple months earlier than in year's past. Fulton's distinct and only NE IPA comes back untouched and ready to entice Minnesota hop heads with tantalizing hop aromas, little perceived bitterness, and a finish that invites you back for another. Expect this extraordinary (and fleeting!) NE IPA in the Fulton taproom next week and in stores the following one.

Fulton Specter NE

Fulton's NEW Hop Water


If you haven't tried it, it's new to you, right? While we've been steadily iterating on this as a taproom-only draft product the past 6 or so months we've always known we wanted to "take this one with" eventually. Well, beginning next Monday, Sept 7th we'll be selling Fulton Hop Water 6pks to-go from the Fulton taproom. Despite all the nutritional zeros  we can boast this sparkling water to be no slouch. It's no more and no less than a absolutely delicious, non-alcoholic, sparkling hop water. And since it's 100% alcohol free, we can sell it directly to you from our faithful North Loop taproom. Ok, now you know and knowing is half the battle.

Twins Experiences at the Fulton Taproom.

Answer us this:

When was the last time you actually had some cracker jacks at a baseball game? See, there's like 10 of you out there that can raise your hand. So, in the spirit of helping you fulfill your truest baseball dreams we're letting you know that our 2nd round of Twins Home Game Experienes is this coming weekend. And, there's still room for you and yours to sign up. Get your spot reserved right here...complete with cracker jacks. 


Why the 2021 Fulton Gran Fondo will be the best one yet.
Posted Wednesday July 29, 2020

Wow. 2020 has been a doozy so far! (Understatement of the year...so far). Keeping up, keeping safe, staying home, staying sane...they’re all intertwined right now. Like many of you, we’ve been waking up each day and putting on our “optimistic face” and venturing into the world (even if “the world” means a basement office) with a sense of uncertainty. The challenges of running our business come in many forms and they come daily. Some days we fare better than others, some days we fall flat on our faces (and that’s ok, too). We’re all doing our best.

One of the challenges that we’ve been circling around now since March when we all went on lockdown: What to do with the Fulton Gran Fondo?

It was clear back in March that we weren’t going to be able to have the event in early May as planned. We toyed around the idea of a reschedule, with a digital “ride”, with breaking up the start times into small groups, re-routes, the list goes on. But in recent weeks we’ve come to the unfortunate but inevitable conclusion that the Fulton Gran Fondo we want to host is not possible in the remainder of this year, for a multitude of reasons that all boil down to doing the right thing for you, our employees and our community. We’ve been staring this disappointment in the face with hopeful eyes since we first postponed it, but now we must come to terms: There will be no Fulton Gran Fondo in 2020.

(deeeeeep breath)

But we didn’t come here just to give you the bad news.

If you know Fulton (and we think you do), then you know that when we do something, we do it all the way. We might be writing to you about canceling this year’s Fondo, but we’re also writing to you to tell you why next year’s Fondo will be bigger and better than ever.

First, the date: Saturday May 8th, 2021. Mark it down, save the date. Ok, that was easy.

The Ride. If you’ve signed up for the 2020 Fulton Gran Fondo then you are already signed up for the 2021 event. We’re rolling over all 2020 registrations in an effort to keep things simple, quick, and easy for everyone. For those who wish to ride with us in ‘21 but haven’t registered for ‘20 yet, just hang tight. We’ll open up registration in the same tiering style as in the past this coming fall/winter. If you’re seeking a refund for this year’s registration, please follow the *instructions listed here on our Fulton Gran Fondo website. As in years past, we will publish the route and accompanying Strava/Garmin/other digital files when it gets closer to the actual date.

The Party. We don’t know about you, but we could use a proper celebration right about now. But come next May, we’ll reallllly be ready to party. We’re already crafting our biggest, funnest, most impactful party to date and can’t wait to share all our plans with you in due time.

One piece we CAN share immediately is that Fulton Gran Fondo is joining forces with another event postponed by the pandemic to create one of MN’s biggest bike culture gatherings ever.

That’s right: You’re getting a full-on Fondo-ARTCRANK mashup in May 2021.

(another deeeeeeeeep breath)

We’ll have more on this as we get closer to next May, but we wanted you to be the first to know. 


*Refund Instructions over on the Fulton Gran Fondo site right here.


The 2020 Fulton Gran Fondo has been canceled. 2021 Fulton Gran Fondo is up next.


Sooo...how many calories in a Fulton Hard Seltzer, anyway?
Posted Wednesday July 22, 2020

Sooo...how many calories in a Fulton Hard Seltzer, anyway? 

Fulton Hard Seltzer 4 Original Flavors

About 112 calories, depending on your favorite flavor, along with 4g carbs and 1g of sugar per 12 ounce can. We can't tell you how many times we've been asked (quick guess: lower thousands) about these numbers since launching our award-winning hard seltzers last year, so we're happy to report that the standard Nutrition Facts Label will now appear on the backside of the can of all 6 flavors (Citrus Ginger, Hopped!, Berry, Blood Orange, Grapefruit, and Lemon Lime). We hope this knowledge makes you feel better about skipping that workout in favor of happy hour. Speaking of happy hour -- 

Fulton Hard Seltzer Original 4 flavors


Mask up MPLS!

Visiting the taproom? Please get yourself properly covered first. Both Minneapolis and Minnesota have mask mandates in effect now and Fulton is in full compliance. Please do your part to keep yourself, our (other) guests, and our staff safe and healthy. THANK YOU!

P.S. In need of a reservation? Find a spot for you and yours by following this link. Walk-up seating is also generally available, though reserving ahead of time is always a good idea.



Before we go, we want to share a short update on the progress of Fulton's racial justice work. On June 5th we publicly shared our "Immediate Action" plan, in which Fulton committed to a handful of first steps on what will be a long journey towards making our community a more equitable place to live, learn, work, and play. We understand the extreme importance of transparency and accountability with regard to this subject and our efforts. Since June 5th we have taken the following action:

  1. Our reopened taproom's first week's sales were donated to West Broadway Business and Area Coalition. We reported on that donation June 16th, but here's the recap here.
  2. As part of our external messaging action promise, we are advancing our planning and creation of a BIPOC artist's mural on our taproom exterior.
  3. We have begun to engage city leadership with regard to demanding institutional change as it relates to police brutality.

We have much work to do ahead of us, and are steadfast in our commitment to doing that work. We are also committed to periodically checking in with our progress or setbacks. Thank you for sticking with us as we work to better ourselves and our community.




Greatest Hits Observed
Posted Friday July 3, 2020

We're half way "there", folks.

Fulton Solar Vortex Session Ale

If ever there was a time where "I need a beer" seemed like a factual statement, now would be that time. In many ways, the past 4 months seem unrecognizable to years past, and as such, announcing new products lately has felt a bit out of place for us. But, our understanding of what it means to carve out a few moments of daily respite has been honed and is appreciated more now than ever. So with that in mind, we want to talk about our Greatest Hits mixed 12 pack for just a minute.

Lost in the shuffle of a year-gone-weird, our latest mixed 12 pack offering has arrived silently in stores across the state. With 300, Sweet Child, Lonely Blonde, and the return of last summer's Solar Vortex all in attendance, the offering screams of maximum Summer enjoyment. There's a little bit of something for everyone, and everyone is invited. But if you're sharing good times over beers, then we'd like to help set the mood with some tunes. We did a quick poll of Fulton staff to see what some of our favorite people's favorite songs were and we want to share them with you. If you're a Spotify user, follow this link for our first playlist and stay tuned...there's more to come.

Fulton Greatest Hits



A little bit of good
Posted Tuesday June 16, 2020

Last Tuesday, we opened the doors to our taproom after a 12 week shutdown. It was a bittersweet moment for us. For months, we had eagerly awaited the day when COVID restrictions would be eased and we could welcome you into our newly renovated taproom and patio. But in consideration of the pain and loss in our community following the murder of George Floyd, we pushed our re-opening back by a week, and pledged to donate 100% of sales from our first week to West Broadway Business and Area Coalition. We're proud to report that you helped us raise over $11,500. To everyone who came out last week while we worked out the kinks of reopening in this new COVID world, thank you. We look forward to serving you all in the future. Until then, be safe and be kind to one another.

Thank you for supporting the Fulton Taproom

Home office remodel anyone?

Fulton Mixed 12pk of Hard Seltzer

Who says all those zoom calls have to happen indoors? Not us! Lately our home office is looking a lot like your standard front yard hangout. If you see us outside, computer on our laps and headphones in, give us a wave (but don't honk please, we're "in a meeting").


Immediate Action
Posted Friday June 5, 2020

“The world is before you, and you need not take it or leave it as it was when you came in.”

― James Baldwin


The four founders of Fulton -- Jim, Brian, Peter, Ryan -- are all white men, as are the majority of our employees. Though we cannot speak directly to what it is like to live as a person of color in America, we want our neighbors, friends, and coworkers who are people of color to know that we hear your voice, are listening to your words, and are supporting your actions. 


Our first core value at Fulton is “we are in it for each other.” We also believe that we have an obligation as a business to act as a citizen of our community. Taken together, these beliefs compel us to action. We will not remain complicit in silence. Fulton is committing to use the voice, the skills, and the means that we have to support the building blocks of racial justice in our local community, specifically in North Minneapolis. 

We are taking immediate action: 

  • Next Tuesday, our taproom will open for business for the first time in 12 weeks. We will be donating every dollar of sales for the taproom’s first week of business to the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition. Just a bridge away from both of our breweries, these businesses are community cornerstones, just as Fulton strives to be. For those who would like to contribute but can’t make it into our taproom, we encourage you to make a direct donation of your own. 
  • Our company’s voice will convey a message of hope, opportunity, and urgency in the fight for racial justice. One way we will communicate this will be on a mural designed and painted by a BIPOC artist on our taproom’s north exterior wall. 
  • We will engage our city leaders to demand that they take a stand against police brutality and the institutional culture that enables it.
  • In the coming year, our taproom will host a series of public conversations centered around issues of race in our local community. 
  • In the coming months and years, Fulton will continue to build partnerships with businesses and non-profits focused on Minneapolis’ North Side. 


These are only steps in a long journey with an uncertain outcome. As supporters and fans of Fulton, we invite you to join our effort.