Citrus Ginger Hard Seltzer

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Citrus Ginger Hard Seltzer




Now all we need is some whiskey to go with, oh wait...

We love citrus as much as the next person, don’t get us wrong. But sometimes we like to spice up our citrus with a little extra kick that gets our taste buds jumpin’ for the next sip (or gulp). Enter: Zingiber officinale (Ginger!). Our favorite root makes it’s Fulton Hard Seltzer debut as co-star and compliment to perennial flavor faves Lemon and Lime. Now all we need is an Irish whiskey to pair with. Oh wait...

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Fulton Hard Seltzer Cocktails- "Jameson Gingered"

When you call the world's largest Irish whiskey company one of your friends, you tend to drink a lot of whiskey. And in the spirit of friendship we developed our 6th hard seltzer flavor with pairing with Jameson, specifically. Everyone (that we know, at least), has had a ginger ale with whiskey from time to time. We took that simple cocktail and elevated it dramatically. We like to drink this out of a collins glass, but a Fulton pint glass would be a good alternate. The recipe calls for 2 oz Jameson, 1 oz Domain de Canton, poured over ice. From there we take Fulton Citrus Ginger Hard Seltzer and top it off (taste it to feel out how strong you like yours). We garnish with a lime wedge on the rim. But maybe you like to plunk your limes down into your drink? You do you whatever makes you feel good...we don't judge.

*Photo slider below has a play-by-play of all the cocktail crafting action.