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Fulton Infusions at Tour De Farm
Posted Sunday June 27, 2010
Fresh = Arrive at farm. Harvest ingredients. Infuse beer. Serve in mason jar in farm field.

We had the privilege of being the featured beer at Tour De Farm's June 2010 Tangletown Garden Dinner. Like a kid in a candy shop, Brian walked onto the farm where the dinner volunteers handed him freshly picked strawberries and beet greens from the field just over yonder for our beer infusions.  (Katie's Lesson of the Day: Even if it's summer, you wear boots at a farm, not flip flops.) We had decided with head chef Scott Pampouch that a strawberry & pink peppercorn infused Lonely Blonde would be a perfect summer pairing with the brick-fired pizza apps.  And it was, if we do say so ourselves.The beet green infused Sweet Child of Vine was paired with roasted pork loin, new potatoes, and collared greens.  And it was poured, fittingly, out of giant mason jars. The food wasn't the only amazing part of the day - the farm was beautiful and we made some new friends, too. We certainly learned a thing or two about presenting a pairing with flair from Solo Vino's wine guru Chuck.  Plus he's a great guy to co-host an event bar with! Scott and Dean from Tangletown know how to create an unforgettable dinner setting, and they grow some seriously righteous food.  Lastly the Tour de Farm crew is a group of dedicated and fun people who believe in local food.  It takes a true commitment to pull off a five-course meal in the middle of a farm field, and this crew does it with passion.  We were not only grateful to be part of this day, but also inspired.