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Libertine 2012 Release Tour Starts Saturday @ the Taproom
Posted Wednesday September 19, 2012
Calling all Libertines!

We're all about honoring the passage of the seasons here at Fulton, so we've decided to commemorate the onset of autumn by releasing our fall seasonal, The Libertine, this Saturday. To kick things off, we're holding a "Libertine 2012 Release Tour", which will start Saturday at our taproom, followed by a stop at each of the Original Six bars to carry Fulton. Here are the tour dates.

Saturday, 9/22 @ Fulton Taproom in Downtown Minneapolis: Libertine will be on tap and available in growlers when we open our doors at noon. As with last time it was available at the taproom, Libertine is $5 for a 12 oz pour and $18 for a growler. Also of note: we'll have some very cool limited edition Libertine T-shirts available for sale.

 Sunday, 9/23 @ Bryant Lake Bowl in Uptown Minneapolis: Laura and the great crew at BLB will be tapping Libertine to coincide with their weekly Neighborhood Night. Starting at 6:00, you can not only get Libertine, but also discounts on other local beers, appetizers, and bowling to boot!

 Monday, 9/24 @ The Happy Gnome in St. Paul: Head over to the Happy Gnome! If Libertine alone doesn't get you moving, consider this: The Gnome will have Sweet Child of Vine, Lonely Blonde, and yes, War & Peace on tap. Libertine and War & Peace are both rare in their own right; getting them at the same time is almost unheard of. 

 Tuesday, 9/25 @ 3 Squares in Maple Grove: We know there's a lot of beer enthusiasts in the Northwest Metro. We'll be joining the fine folks at 3 Squares for pints & perhaps some sweet Fulton giveaways as well. 

 Wednesday, 9/26 @ The Muddy Pig in St. Paul: Some purists say that cask-conditioned is the best way to experience a beer; others prefer it from a keg. (We believe there are many paths to nirvana, and will stay out of this argument). Come to the Muddy Pig and decide for yourself the best way to enjoy a Libertine: they'll be tapping a keg as well as a cask conditioned with Fuggles. 

 Thursday, 9/27 @ Acadia in West Bank Minneapolis: If you haven't been to Acadia for a Beer & Beast night, mark your calendar for this one. We'll be serving a cask-conditioned Libertine aged with hickory. Better yet, Acadia's smokemaster Ted will be serving steaks smoked with the same hickory! Sounds like a perfect pairing to us.

 Friday, 9/28 @ Edina Grill: Last but certainly not least, we'll be stopping by Edina Grill to finish out our Libertine Tour of the Original Six Fulton bars. Edina Grill holds a special place in Fulton's heart, as it's only three blocks from the garage where we brewed our first homebrew batches. Arrive early before Brian has a chance to eat all of the pierogies!

The Libertine Release Tour schedule is packed, but we know not everyone who wants a Libertine will be able to make an event. Many other bars & restaurants will be serving Libertine as well, so ask around. Also, as mentioned before, we'll be doing a very limited run of 750 mL (wine bottle size) bottles for our liquor store friends this year. We'll have more information about the mid-October release of those bottles as the date gets closer.