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What's Up Fulton Episode 2: A Special "Thank You"
Posted Thursday April 30, 2020

A special "thank you" from all of us at Fulton Brewing. Without you, there's no us.



The Chill City Chugger
Posted Tuesday April 7, 2020

Beer That Tastes Like Beer

"Beer that tastes like beer." It's a familiar phrase to many (most?) beer drinkers and is symbolic of not only a style of beer but a particular mood and simplicity of beer enjoyment. It speaks to the pure and quick satisfaction a crisp, low ABV, straight-forward Golden Lager can provide upon that first sip (or gulp). "Beer that tastes like beer" leaves no room for guesswork when serving as a request, too. It says, effectively and succinctly, "Give me a beer and give it to me now, I'm thirsty". 

So it is with great excitement we're pleased to announce the arrival of our newest year-round beer: Chill City Chugger. In these wicked, complicated times we believe a little escape from all of life's hassles is in tall order.

With that said, we'll take another one, please.