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Fall is Full of Fulton
Posted Tuesday October 23, 2018

2018 has been a big year.

A sizable understatement, we know. But as we stare down the final months of this year and set our sights on the one ahead, we're reminded of just how big of a year 2018 has turned out to be. That said, with only 2 full months left we've got some exciting things to share.

War & Peace Imperial Coffee Stout

Eagerly Awaited- War & Peace Imperial Coffee Stout

"Eagerly Awaited", that's our general feeling this time of year when we can smell our annual release of War & Peace brewing. As you'd expect, it's pitch black, smooth as silk, and packed to the brim with coffee flavor provided by a pound of organic PEACE COFFEE beans per barrel. It's making it's yearly return in both draft and in 4packs of 12oz bottle the first full week of November. 

Fulton Mixed 12pack

Totally Unexpected- The Fulton Mixed 12 Pack Sampler

Our first "big" mixed pack is here. Or, almost. Early November brings us some familiar and not-so-familiar faces by way of this flashy 12pack. We've packed 3-each of Lonely Blonde, Hopstar, Proper Porter, and a special double-dry-hopped (w/ CITRA) version of our acclaimed 300 Mosaic IPA. This is the first time Proper Porter has ever been packaged and the first time Hopstar has been put in bottles. With a little bit of something for everyone, it's perfect for holiday gatherings, weekends of raking, and special soirées. Look for it wherever you find Fulton in your neighborhood.

Fulton's Whiskey, War & Peace Imperial Coffee Stout aged in Jameson barrels.

Jameson Caskmates & Fulton= Whiskey, War & Peace

Community, commonality, and local flavor. Oh, and Whiskey. These are some of the cornerstone qualities of our partnership with Jameson. For the 2nd iteration of our collaboration beer with the largest Irish Whiskey maker in the world, we worked to further develop the presence of coffee flavors and aromas while paying close attention to the balance needed when working with oak and whiskey. The fruits of these labors can soon be enjoyed at a number locales here in the MSP metro area. Don't want to wait till your neighborhood bar taps their keg? Well then, come join us in our taproom where it's already on draft.

Chaos 300 Fulton wrestler

300th Day of The Year

This Saturday is our own special holiday here at Fulton. In celebration of all things 300, we're hosting 6 separate events across town on the 300th day of 2018. For the full skinny including where to find our wrestler "Chaos 300" (Pictured above), head on over to our events page right here

Fulton Star Cross cyclocross race

Do, or Do Not. There is no Try.

The Fulton Star Cross is back again. Though it might be a sanctioned USA Cycling race, don't let the officialness spook you into thinking this is anything less than a totally fun, completely bonkers, spectator-approved race extravaganza. Meet us at Lions Valley Place Park for 2  days (and 1 night!) of the Midwest's most enjoyable CX racing. To get in on the action, you've got to register by 11/1 (go ahead and take care of that here). 



Posted Friday October 5, 2018


Locavore? Food lover? Forager? Fisher? Hunter? Gardener?


This Monday, 10/8, we’ll be opening our taproom for a book signing by Hank Shaw, the James Beard award-winning author, blogger, podcaster, and outdoorsman. (Guess it would have been easier to just call him a renaissance man). Hank is already well-known for his elevated wild game recipes in his previous cookbooks “Buck, Buck, Moose” and “Duck, Duck, Goose”, and now he’s touring in support of his newest culinary curation, “Pheasant, Quail, Cottontail.”

Doors open at 5:00, and though it’s open to all and no ticket required, you might be interested in the $45 package deal which includes the book, one beer, and two appetizers inspired by Hank’s recipes and prepared by our awesome kitchen team. Not to be outdone by the kitchen, our brew crew kegged a sahti-inspired infusion of Keller Pils just for Monday's event.

You can buy the package deal here, or just show up on Monday, no ticket needed. If you’re not buying the ticket, you can go a la carte style: the bar and kitchen will be open for regular orders, and Hank will have books for purchase at a discount too.