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Thank You
Posted Friday December 21, 2018

IT'S YOUR FAULT (and that's a good thing)

It's your fault Fulton is here, today, on the cusp of our 10th anniversary year. To say that we wouldn't have made it this long without your continued support is a gross understatement. People have been at the center of everything we do and make here at Fulton since day one. That focus and commitment to our people, our communities, and the quality craft beers we make for you never wavers. As we wind down the last full week of 2018, we can't help but feel an incredible sense of gratitude. So, thank you. All of you (you know who you are).

Fulton 2019 Brand Calendar

What's a bit of introspection and looking-back if not for a great opportunity to do the complete opposite and get starry-eyed for the future? Right? In doing such we present to you (above) the 2019 Fulton Brewing Brand Calendar in all it's tentative splendor. For those following along with Fulton over the years you'll quickly notice how much newness we have planned for everyone next year. Coffee, fruit, mixed packs, and our first Radler all play supporting roles in what's about to be an extremely tasty year ahead. But we think one of the most exciting things of note is our brand extension of Minnesota's favorite American Blonde Ale...

Grapefruit Lonely Blonde

What happens when you take your favorite thing and give it a twist? Pure, refreshing, awesomeness is what happens. We took your go-to beer and added the perfect amount of grapefruit to give it just enough citrusy goodness to leave you wanting more. Like the classic version, it's smooth, easy-drinking, and nearly perfect for any occasion. After months of testing and keeping secrets we've got our sights happily locked on April for a launch (just in time for warmer months ahead). Stay tuned!

Rolling Christmas Revue

It's the season of traditions! With one weekend left to party we're joining up with our pals Madre Cacti and Sam Cassidy to bring you the 2nd annual Rolling Xmas Revue. It's a night of good times, good tunes, buds, and beers all benefiting another good friend of many, Mr. Aaron "HIX" Lee. It's all going down at Terminal Bar this Saturday at 8. 

NYE party at Hook & Ladder

There's no room for "It's a school night, I can't go" excuses when it comes to next Monday's NYE party at The Hook and Ladder Theater. The night features snacks, a champagne toast, (Fulton) beers, and live music from 2 of the Midwest's finest. Tickets are still available and you can get yours right here.


Kind of A Big Deal
Posted Wednesday December 12, 2018


Growler Magazine KOABD award ceremony

On Sunday December 2nd we joined hundreds of Minnesota's finest at Circus Juventas for the first Growler Magazine Kind Of A Big Deal Awards ceremony. Whereas in year's past the awards were given in a less formal (but more personal) setting, this year's ceremony was an incredibly organized celebration of craft here in MN. It was a party not to miss, certainly. 

Lonely Blonde KOABD award winner 2 years running.

Blonde for the win! For two years running Fulton's Lonely Blonde has won the "American Blonde Ale" category. Minnesota, thank you. Our most recognizable and widely available beer is that way because of you. 

300 Mosaic IPA Mixed 4pack

Introducing two new (limited) variations of our beloved 300 Mosaic IPA. Better than the original? Well, that is left to individual preference but we're confident that you'll enjoy both and will find them incredible cousins to their not so distant cousin. Find both the Mango and Brut versions in our new 300 Mixed 4pack of tallboys available now.

Last Call Holiday Market

Procrastinators unite! 

Whether you have been forgetting to go shopping or you were waiting for the last minute on purpose, we've got you covered. Last Call is back! Come check out the wares of nearly 20 MN makers at the Food Building the Saturday before Christmas. With local foods by our friends at Lowry Hill Meats and beers by us (duh), you're destined to have your fave shopping experience of the year. The fun begins at 3. Be there.

The Fulton Gran Fondo

Registration for the 2019 Fulton Gran Fondo is open! We kicked off early bird registration for next year's event last week and you can sign up online for the lowest price of $39.95 from now through the end of February. Want to ride with us? Get yourself registered right here.

The 2019 Fulton Gran Fondo jersey

Ride in style with us this year wearing the 2019 Fulton Gran Fondo jersey. And ladies, you spoke and we listened. For the first time ever we're offering this limited design in both Women's and Mens sizes. Order yours in advance of the big day right here.