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Taproom now open at 3 on Thursdays - join us today for a celebratory cask tapping!
Posted Thursday July 26, 2012
Because it's not that hard to sneak out of work at 2:45.

We've decided to open the taproom at 3:00 today and every Thursday from here on out. That alone should be enough to log out and head over to the brewery, but if you need extra incentive today, we're tapping a cask of Sweet Child dry hopped with Amarillo. Sure, adding to our taproom hours isn't that big of a deal, but we're big believers in celebrating life's small moments. Especially when you can celebrate with beer.

If you can't make it to the taproom for a pulled pint today, don't fret: our friends at Acadia have just installed a sweet 19th century style cask bar, and we're going to help commission it tomorrow with a cask of Sweet Child dry hopped with the rare and beloved Nelson Sauvins. If you haven't had a beer hopped with Nelsons before, you've been missing out, so don't let tomorrow end without a stop at Acadia.

Next Thursday, we're teaming up with our North Loop neighbors at Be'wiched Deli for a special beer pairing event called "Beerwhiched." We've eaten plenty of sandwiches in our lives, and it's no stretch to say these are among the best, so you can be sure that the pairings will rock. Details are still forthcoming, but if you're interested, call Be'wiched at 612.767.4330.

If you've been by the taproom lately, you've probably noticed a lot's going on in the brewery. Three weeks ago, we slid three new 40 bbl tanks through the door. Two weeks ago, we picked up 16 whiskey barrels for a very special oak aging project (more on that later). Last week, we started installing a new 30 gallon pilot brewing system that we picked up from Northern Brewer. Oh, and our glycol chiller died a while back, so we've been scrambling from one workaround to the next to keep our tanks cool. Meanwhile, despite a slight keg shortage as we await delivery of 1,000 new kegs, we've somehow managed to keep up with our production schedule.

There's no shortage of excitement at the brewery, so stop by sometime soon! For all of the latest, be sure to hop on one of the free Saturday afternoon tours. Tours are first-come, first-serve, and depart at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and a newly-added 4:00 slot.