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Posted Monday August 31, 2020

The month of September is already looking good.

Specter NE IPA


If the weird year we're living in currently has taught us anything, it's that looking forward to future milestones is not just wishful thinking, it's a way of exercising hope. All the more reason to bring Specter back to the seasonal release lineup a couple months earlier than in year's past. Fulton's distinct and only NE IPA comes back untouched and ready to entice Minnesota hop heads with tantalizing hop aromas, little perceived bitterness, and a finish that invites you back for another. Expect this extraordinary (and fleeting!) NE IPA in the Fulton taproom next week and in stores the following one.

Fulton Specter NE

Fulton's NEW Hop Water


If you haven't tried it, it's new to you, right? While we've been steadily iterating on this as a taproom-only draft product the past 6 or so months we've always known we wanted to "take this one with" eventually. Well, beginning next Monday, Sept 7th we'll be selling Fulton Hop Water 6pks to-go from the Fulton taproom. Despite all the nutritional zeros  we can boast this sparkling water to be no slouch. It's no more and no less than a absolutely delicious, non-alcoholic, sparkling hop water. And since it's 100% alcohol free, we can sell it directly to you from our faithful North Loop taproom. Ok, now you know and knowing is half the battle.

Twins Experiences at the Fulton Taproom.

Answer us this:

When was the last time you actually had some cracker jacks at a baseball game? See, there's like 10 of you out there that can raise your hand. So, in the spirit of helping you fulfill your truest baseball dreams we're letting you know that our 2nd round of Twins Home Game Experienes is this coming weekend. And, there's still room for you and yours to sign up. Get your spot reserved right here...complete with cracker jacks.