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Spring (With a Hint Of Ginger) In The Air
Posted Monday February 24, 2020

Zingiber officinale anyone? 

Fulton Citrus Ginger Hard Seltzer

Bring on the ginger! Bring on the citrus! We're proud to introduce our 6th hard seltzer, "Citrus Ginger", which is hitting stores as you read this. Hot on the heels of last month's "Hopped!" flavor, our newest offering comfortably straddles the line between two beverage worlds: Easy, straight-out-of-the-can enjoyment and; delicious, 30 second cocktail ingredient. However you enjoy our new Citrus Ginger hard seltzer we're confident you'll relish the clean and finishe. Look for it at nearly 100 tastings across the metro during the month of March alongside our favorite drinking buddy (Jameson, naturally).

Fulton & Sun Country Airlines Leap Year party

Our friends in the sky at Sun Country are celebrating the extra day we all get this year with Leap Year with a special dedication to all those leaplings out there. We're getting in on the action with them and hosting an afternoon of fun, giveaways, and some chances to win $229 flight vouchers. We're also handing out 2.29 ounce samples of Lonely Blonde, the only MN American Blonde ale on all Sun Country flights. The good times kickoff at 2:29pm Saturday 2/29. (Picking up what we're putting down here?)

Fulton Grapefruit Lonely Blonde

We took something good and put a twist on it last year with our (then) new Grapefruit Lonely Blonde. And wow, what a reception. What was intended to be a multi-season beer release for us has come back in 2020 as our latest full-time offering. So we ask all of you out there counting down the days to Spring to get those coolers cleaned out, grab your koozies, and clear out your beer fridges for some sun-inspired beer drinking. Tall boys are out now and our brand new 12packs of 12oz cans are coming soon. 

2020 Fulton Gran Fondo

We've got bands!!! We're extremely excited to announce our 2020 Fulton Gran Fondo band lineup (and it's a doozy!) A quick google or youtube search on any of the above musical fun-makers is surely all it should take to get you marking that calendar "busy" on 5/2. In other important party news-we're happily working with NEMAA this year as our charitable partner. We'll donate 1$ from each beer sold all day long. So come thirsty and know that you're helping support NE MPLS' most important and long-standing arts community supporter.


Posted Monday February 3, 2020


Fulton Mixed 12pack Vol. 4

If we've learned anything already in this new year it's that having options is a blessing. Whether it's this past weekend's Stupor Bowl, upcoming holiday gatherings (Valentines Beers anyone?), or just a sunny day as excuse to get outside- extraordinary lives thrive when there is room for some variety. And, coincidentally enough we just so happen to have the perfect Mixed 12 pack out now that's chocked-full of variety. Our Vol. 4 Sampler is comprised of Lonely Blonde, 300 Mosaic IPA, a Chocolate Oatmeal Milk Stout and our very first Maibock. A little something for everyone. We can certainly cheers to that.


Grapefruit Lonely Blonde

Is it Spring yet? Wait, we don't care! We're bringing back everyone's favorite American Blonde Ale with a touch of grapefruit regardless of the season we're in. And, we're happy to report we're bringing it back full-time. Yep, we're going all year with this one and couldn't be happier about it. Just remember, it's not a fruit beer, it's a beer with fruit!


Fulton Taproom's "Fulton After Dark"

What happens at the Fulton Taproom afterhours? You'll never know unless you find out for yourself. Your next chance to is February's Fulton After Dark on 2/16 at 9pm. Maybe we'll see you there if you're curious enough...

Fulton Gran Fondo

The Fulton Gran Fondo is nearing! It's the year's first big, local block party, which in it's own right is reason to celebrate (Spring! Warmth! Sun!). But the 7th annual Fulton Gran Fondo is also so much more. It's 3 separate bike rides, it is a day filled-to-the-brim with a massive selection of Fulton beverages, it's a sunny afternoon with food from some of MPLS' favorite food trucks, and it's a charitable event with $1 from every beer sold going straight to our cherished neighbors (and one of MN's best arts organizations) NEMAA. If you're planning to ride with us, than now is the best time to register. Prices go up March 1st! Sign yourself up right here and secure your spot at one of MN's largest (and funnest) rides.