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A message to our community
Posted Friday May 29, 2020

This week Minneapolis has been jarred out of the privileged existence in which so many of us live. Our whole city suddenly feels the fear and exposure that minorities in our country have endured for centuries. It may not be the duty of a brewery to speak out on every social issue in our community, but it is our privilege. And it IS our duty to acknowledge that privilege is a real thing that exists and if you’re born with it you have the freedom to choose how to live your life or run your business and then just do that. And if you’re not born with it, it’s uphill all the way to the start line, and after that too. And even then you might get killed like George Floyd was. 

We founded Fulton with the belief that our business has a duty to act as a citizen of our community, and that duty extends to doing our part to make our community a better, happier place to live. Today, our community is hurting in a way it never has during our existence, and like all of our neighbors, we’re confused, hurt, angered, fearful. How do we make sense of the senseless death of a defenseless man? Then of the destruction of innocent businesses and workplaces and residences?    

Like many of you, we are grappling with how we can turn this week’s shocking, saddening events into positive energy and constructive action that will make our community a better place now and for years to come. For everyone. As we all work through this, all we ask is for you to be there for each other, and be good to one another. If you choose to make your voice visible by protest, please do so safely and responsibly as a citizen of our community.


A Taproom Reopen For Us All
Posted Wednesday May 27, 2020

Who wants to have a beer on our new patio next week?

Fulton Taproom (new) Patio

If you answered "yes", then get ready. We're opening up next Monday 6/1 and can't wait to host you at our newly renovated taproom. We've been working on our spaces, inside and out, for nearly half a year now. We may not be able to seat you indoors at a table or the bar yet, but we're eager to have you over.

We've created numerous safety measures for both guest and staff that we'll be sharing with you by this weekend. Stay tuned here (and on social @fultonbeer) for all the relevant updates to come regarding our re-opening next week.



Seeing Though Blood Orange Lenses
Posted Monday May 11, 2020

Blood Orange Tall Boys Are Here!

Blood Orange Hard Seltzer


The people (yeah, you!) have spoken and we've heard you loud and clear. Minnesota loves our Blood Orange Hard Seltzer (a lot). So in the spirit of "give the people what they want" we're proud to report 16oz 4pks of our flagship flavor are coming your way. These little orange cubes of deliciousness are hitting stores beginning today here in the metro and will begin to work their way out from there in the weeks to come. Find them where you find all your favorite Fulton goodies.

Fulton Hard Seltzer