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Fulton Bottles Are in Stores Now!
Posted Monday October 24, 2011
And we promise, if your favorite store runs out, there's more on the way.

Today, almost two years to the day after we tapped our first keg, we're releasing Sweet Child of Vine and Lonely Blonde in bottles! Over the next few weeks, six packs of 12 oz Fulton bottles will begin to appear in liquor stores across the metro area. We'll keep a running list on the bottom of this page as we deliver to more stores this week, so check back if often if you don't see your local stop on the list.

We assume you read that last paragraph, ran out to your local liquor store, and returned to your computer, Fulton in hand. So, here's more reading material to go with your new beer...

We bottled our first batches of homebrew by hand in Jim's garage. As any homebrewer knows, cleaning, sanitizing, and filling bottles by hands is a slow, painstaking process. The process of getting our commercial beer has been an even slower process, though for altogether different reasons. Even tasks that seems relatively simple, like packaging, are deceptively complex: From designing labels, six-packs, and cases to getting set up with new vendors to going back and forth with proofs and color drawdowns to the government approval process, there's a lot to it. Let's just say we're glad that part is behind us.

Then there's operational constraints. Many of you know of -- and probably helped with -- the recent Minnesota law change to allow breweries to serve beer on-premises in a brewery taproom. The taproom will be a great opportunity, but like most opportunities, it came with a tradeoff: because of space constraints, we had to choose between installing a bottling line or putting in a taproom. We chose to pursue the taproom, which meant we still needed a place to bottle. Fortunately, contract brewing has worked well for our keg production over the last two years, and now it's helping us get Sweet Child of Vine and Lonely Blonde into six packs.

It will take several weeks, but we'll eventually have bottles in most liquor stores in the Twin Cities. If your favorite neighborhood store doesn't have them, be sure to ask them. Just try to be patient, because there's a lot of demand and they could already be waiting for an order, or may have even run out by the time you get there. In the meantime, we'll be pouring samples at several stores around town this week, so please check out our events page if you'd like to come by.

Delivered Monday, 10/24

Big Top – Moundsview
Big Top Liquor – St. Paul
Byerly’s – St. Louis Park
Cellar Wine & Spirits – Shorewood
Cellar Wine & Spirits – Woodbury
Central Ave. Liquor – Minneapolis
Chet’s Liquor – Lilydale
Cork & Barrel – Oakdale
Cub – Arden Hills
Dennis Brothers Liquor – Cottage Grove
Four Firkins – St. Louis Park
Glen Lake Wine & Spirits – Minnetonka
Haskell’s– Stilwater
Heritage Liquor – Maplewood
Jennings Liquors – St. Louis Park
Leaman’s Liquor – Hopkins
Liquor Barrel – Golden Valley
Liquor Barrel – St. Louis Park
MGM – Champlin
MGM – Coon Rapids
MGM – Hopkins
MGM – Minnetonka
MGM – West St. Paul
MGM – Woodbury
MGM Calhoun – Minneapolis
Minnehaha Liquor – Minneapolis
North Loop Wine & Spirits – Minneapolis
Northgate Liquors – Andover
Northgate Liquors – Blaine
Pairings Wine Market – Minnetonka
Premier Wine & Spirits – Osseo
Princeton’s Liquors – Maple Grove
Rapids Warehouse Liquor – Coon Rapids
Rum River Wine & Spirits – Ramsey
South Lyndale Liquor – Minneapolis
Strong Liquor – Minnetonka
Top Ten Wine & Spirits – Woodbury
Tournament Liquor – Blain
U S Liquor & Wine – Minnetonka
Village Wine & Spirits – Lakeland
Vinifera Wines & Ales – Plymouth
Zipps – Minneapolis


Delivered Tuesday, 10/25

Bacchus Wine & Spirits – Shoreview
Big Top – St. Paul
Cub Liquors – Bloomington
Dennis Brothers Liquor – Cottage Grove
East Lake Liquor – Minneapolis
Falls Liquor – Minneapolis
France 44 Wine & Spirits – Minneapolis
Gators Liquor – Oakdale
Haskell’s – Bloomington
Heritage Liquor – Maplewood
Lake Ridge Liquor – Vadnais Heights
Liquor Barrel – Crystal
Liquor Barrel – New Brighton
Lower Town Wine & Spirits – St. Paul
Mc Donalds Liquor – Minneapolis
McKnight Liquor – North St. Paul
MGM – Bloomington
MGM – Maplewood
MGM – Oakdale
MGM – Vadnais Heights
Nook – St. Paul
Perrier Wines & Liquors – Bloomington
Skol Liquor – Minneapolis
Thomas Beverage Co – St. Paul
Tower Glen – Roseville
United Penn Lake Liquor – Bloomington
Wine Street’s Spirits – North Oaks

Delivered Wednesday, 10/26

Big Discount – Eagan
Black Diamond Liquor – Eagan
Blue Max Liquor – Burnsville
Byerly’s Wine & Spirits – Eagan
Cellar Wine & Spirits – Eagan
Cellar Wine & Spirits – Roseville
Central Ave. Liquor – Minneapolis
Edina Liquor – Edina (York)
Fairview Wine & Spirits – Roseville
Haskell’s – St. Paul (Ford Parkway)
Haskell’s Liquor – Burnsville
Hennepin Lake Liquor – Minneapolis
Hum’s Liquor – Minneapolis
International Wine/Liquor – St. Paul
Kowalski’s – Eagan
Kowalski’s Wine Market – Woodbury
Liquor Barrel – Lino Lakes
Liquor Village – St. Paul
Lowry Hill Liquor – Minneapolis
Main Street Liquor Barrel – Centerville
Metro Liquor – St. Paul
MGM – Eagan (Pilot Knob)
MGM – St. Paul (Larpentuer)
Morellis Discount Liquor – St. Paul
Network Liquors – Roseville
North Loop Wine & Spirits – Minneapolis
Perrier Wine N Spirits – Eagan
Silver Lake Village – St. Anthony
Snelling Liquors – Roseville
Sorella Wine & Spirits – Minneapolis
St. Anthony Market – St. Anthony
Surdyks Liquor – Minneapolis
West End Liquors – Red Wing


Delivered Thursday, 10/27

B&G Liquors – Minneapolis
Big Discount – South St. Paul
Boozemart – West St. Paul
Buon Giorno – Lilydale
Byerly’s Wine & Spirits – Burnsville
Cub Liquors – West St. Paul
Edina Liquor – Edina (Vernon Ave.)
First Grand Ave. Liquor – St. Paul
Hasen’s Liquor – Stillwater
Haskell’s Liquor – Minnetonka
Haskell’s Liquor – Woodbury
Heritage Liquor – Maplewood
Kowalski’s Wine Market – Woodbury
Lake Wine & Spirits – Minneapolis
Liberty Village Wine – Stillwater
Liquor Time – Oak Park Heights
Little Wine Shoppe – St. Paul
Marshall Liquor – St. Paul
MGM – Hastings
MGM Calhoun – Minneapolis
Oaks Wine & Spirits – Oak Park Heights
Park Liquor – St. Paul
Ramaley Liquor – St. Paul
Rite Liquor – St. Paul
River Liquor – Minneapolis
Scotts Liquor – St. Paul
Selby Wines & Spirits – St. Paul
Sentyrz – Minneapolis
Sharrett’s Inc. – St. Paul
Williams Uptown Pub – Minneapolis
Wine Thief – St. Paul


Delivered Friday, 10/28

Arbor Pointe Liquor – Inver Grove Heights
Big Discount – St. Paul
Cheers Wine & Spirits – Bloomington
Chicago Lake Liquor – Minneapolis
Crossroads Liquor – Shakopee
Edina Liquor – Edina (50th St.)
Franklin-Nicollet Liquor – Minneapolis
Fridley Liquor – Fridley
Greenway Liquor – Minneapolis
Haskell’s – Minneapolis
Haskell’s Liquor – White Bear Lake
Liquor Barrel – Mahtomedi
Liquor Barrel – New Brighton
Liquor Barrel – St. Louis Park
Mc Donalds Liquor – Minneapolis
MGM – Inver Grove Heights
MGM – Prior Lake
MGM – St. Paul (White Bear Ave.)
MGM – White Bear Lake
On the Rocks Wine & Spirits – Hugo
Shakopee Wine Cellars – Shakopee
South Lyndale Liquor – Minneapolis
Tonka Bottle Shop – Minnetonka
Top Ten Wine & Spirits – Cottage Grove
Top Valu #1 – Columbia Heights
Zipps – Minneapolis