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Fulton Beer News
Posted Friday November 12, 2021

Hello Friends,

I'll be the first to admit it: if I didn't have to read another email all month (or ever again, really) I wouldn't. Then again... you've already made it this far, and a beer email is more interesting to read than yet another auto-reminder to complete last month's expense report. So -- here's to 90 more seconds of procrastination! 


Hot (error...cold!) off the canning line is our newest 12 pack: the Fulton Beer and Seltzer Mix Pack. As the name suggests, this pack combines our two most awarded beers--Lonely Blonde and 300 IPA--with our most popular seltzers, Blood Orange and Citrus Ginger. There's something for everyone in this 12 pack, so we've literally stamped a guarantee right on the box* to satisfy all thirsts at all occasions: that family Thanksgiving dinner with all manners of horrible political discussion; the awkward work holiday party that's not mandatory but you can't really skip it either; your weekend at home alone where you just can't make up your mind on what to sip on. Don't worry, we've got just what you want in the box. 

*not really guaranteed, of course, that's a Ray Zalinski move and we're not like him.


It’s looking like our first snowfall of the season is due by this weekend. You may or may not agree that snowfall is good news, but the unanimously agreed upon good news is that our newest winter seasonal, Snow Emergency Stout, is available on store shelves and on tap right now. Notes of dark chocolate on the nose and tongue combine with the healthy addition of Bravo hops for a full-flavored, full-bodied stout, with no need for any of the schmancy extra stuff. Grab some to enjoy while you watch the flurries come down.

While we’re talking about Snow Emergency Stout, we’d be remiss to not provide a friendly reminder that wintry weather means the start of actual snow emergencies in Minnesota. We'd like to encourage all our neighbors here in Minneapolis and St. Paul to sign up for email or text alerts from your city. Tell your neighbors too!





Retail shelves aren’t the only places to find new Fulton beers! We are featuring two new exclusives at the taproom this month. Johnny One Time is a single malt, single hop pale ale made with Proximity malt and Galaxy hops. Plumdawg Trillionaire is a tart, unfiltered Berliner Weisse. Stop in and try one (or both), then tell us what you think on Facebook or Instagram. Stop in soon,, as both are very limited and when they're gone, they're gone. 

Head to the taproom to try them out


That's enough beer news for now. Enjoy your turkey, stuffing, and Tryptophan naps. Cheers!

-Ryan Petz, CEO & Co-Founder



Beer and Seltzer Mixed Pack Now Available
Posted Friday November 5, 2021

beer and seltzer mixed pack



It’s Thanksgiving. You’ve been sent on a mission to buy beer and seltzer for the feast. You want to get a little of everything, but you only have two hands and your pocketbook is a little thinner these days. Your eyes become exhausted from all of the choices and you get that feeling of, am I cool enough to grab the right beer and seltzer? With beer choices like pumpkin with lactose on nitro? Performance beers? Candy beers? Kids cereal beers? You feel like you might be at the wrong store. The seltzer section is equally overwhelming. The colors feel like someone tripped with a cornucopia of fake fruit for the table's centerpiece. 

Well, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Until now… No ruby slippers to click, just pick it up and go. Our NEW Fulton Beer and Seltzer Mixed Pack. Yep, there is an and in that sentence. This half beer, half seltzer 12 pack of cans is stocked with your Fulton party favorites. On the beer side, our flagship Lonely Blonde ale and our award winning 300 IPA. For the seltzer side, Citrus Ginger and our bestselling Blood Orange. Look for it in your favorite liquor store now! No more clean up in aisle three because you tried to carry too much to the register.

- Corey Shovein, National Sales Director


Taproom Tappenings
Posted Thursday November 4, 2021

Hello Friends,

Happy to meet ya!

I took over the reins here at Fulton Taproom in July and then suddenly it was November! I am so happy to be here and am ready to continue to manage all the generals here at 414! I'll be sending out this monthly newsletter to keep you informed on all the things going on at (one of) your favorite Minneapolis Taprooms. Got a question, comment or concern? My e-door is always open! Drop me a line @ jill.d@fultonbeer.com - I can't wait to talk with you!

Now, on to the goods...



We are so happy to welcome live music back to the Taproom! Check out the line up we've got for this month - and every show is free! (but, ya know, buy a beer or two...)


We obviously don't brew all the Fulton beers you see throughout the area here at 414 - but this small batch brewery is the perfect playground for our brewers to test new things. Here's what we've got on tap now, get 'em while we got 'em:

MPLS MILD | 4.0% ABV - A throwback brew - perfect for fall, toasty, roasty yet so light and refreshing. English style dark mild ale.

PLUMDAWG TRILLIONAIRE | 5.5% ABV - Something a little sweet and tart for the colder days. Berliner Weisse brewed with plum puree

JOHNNY ONE TIME | 5.2% ABV - Gonna brew it once and brew it well - this world Galaxy hopped SMaSH Pale Ale. Proximity malt and Galaxy hop meet in this clean, bitter brew.  



Thank you everyone who came out to celebrate all of our 2021 Fulton Patio Pooches! We had a record setting number of ballots cast (probably due to this being the first election...) and the winner by the slimmest of margins was : Mr. Theodore! 

His furry mug will adorn our Taproom wall as a great representative of the amazing pups that come to our patio. Think your pooch has what it takes to take the crown in 2022? Snap a photo and tag @fultonbeer and #FPPOTW for your chance for free beer and eternal pooch fame. 



Getting married? Having a baby? A birthday? Company milestone? Just 'cause it's Wednesday? Whatever your reason is to celebrate, consider having us host your next gathering! We have two great spaces for any size event and a catering menu to please all party people - plus, you know, amazing craft beers and seltzers!

email events@fultonbeer.com to get all the deets.